Happy days are here – I cracked PTE at last

Yesterday was the best day of my life.

I finally achieved a 79+ score in PTE Academic. It has come after so much effort and so many repeated failures that when I finally saw my scorecard I couldn’t control my tears.

I can now meet my visa requirements. Such a good score in the English exam will give extra credit to my visa applications. That means I might get my visa faster.

My friends when they heard of this couldn’t believe their ears. They immediately started asking me tips and tricks. I told them it came as a result of sustained effort and not just some tips and tricks. I took an online course for PTE and that is what changed everything for me. I also benefited from these real and repeated PTE questions.

My biggest pain points was speaking and reading section. Somehow I always scored low for pronunciation and for some reason could never go above 60 in the reading section. In my online course, I learned the step by steps to tackle these sections. I worked with my PTE coach to understand my weaker points and then devised a strategy to overcome my weaknesses.

It did not happen overnight. See, the thing is we can read a hundred things but till the time we actually implement them nothing happens. So I made it a point to try everything. I practiced the questions keeping the advice in mind. My coach said that it is better to do 10 questions with full concentrations that do 100 questions without understanding anything in detail.

I am glad the past is behind now. Once my visa comes through I will make a happy trip back to my home country. Soon I can also bring the rest of my family to Australia. I am looking forward to the happy days ahead as my hard work has finally paid off.

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