Global Village extends its jaw-dropping Shaolin Monks show

Global Village, the region’s first and largest multi-cultural festival park, announced today that it had extended the duration of the jaw dropping and crowd favourite show, Shaolin Monks, by a week due to the interest and excitement levels of guests and in line with their feedback. Shaolin Monks will continue to play three times a day, six days a week except Tuesdays, till 20th December 2017.

Shaolin Monks, one of the top international award winning shows that comes to the Middle East region for the first time ever, direct from the fabled Shaolin temple in the foothills of the Song Shang mountain range in China’s Henan province, demonstrates the martial arts expertise of more than 20 monks from the temple in an awe-inspiring performance. In an ultimate display of theatre and authentic physical prowess, the cast performs incredible superhuman feats that take audiences on an intrepid journey through the mystical history of this ancient martial art and demonstrate the beautiful movements of Chi Gong and Tai Chi with spectacular weapons and combat demonstrations. An extravaganza, with impressive backdrops, dramatic music and stunning production, Shaolin Monks combines the rich vocabulary of Chinese theatre and the technical sophistication of the contemporary music arena.

At its heart are the awe-inspiring skills of the monks themselves. The show combines traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, inch perfect choreography with dramatic lighting and sound that evokes the spirit of their traditions in one breathtaking performance. The monks are lifted aloft on sharpened spears, break marble slabs with their heads, perform handstands on two finger tips, splinter wooden staves with their bodies, break bricks on their heads and fly through the air in a series of incredible back flips. Depicting the history, philosophy and story of the Shaolin Monks in an authentic and spectacular performance, Shaolin vividly illustrates the rarely-seen Kung Fu masters’ feats of agility strength and skill, using meditation and rigorous martial arts training.

Bader Anhawi, Chief Operating Officer, Global Village, said: “We utilise continuous guest journey mapping tools to evaluate our attractions and services so that the guest experience is maintained at a high level and this exercise has revealed that Shaolin Monks has grown in popularity with our guests and they want to see more of it. We are pleased to accommodate the demands of our guests and have consulted with the Shaolin Monks team to extend the show’s duration by a week where the show demonstrates the most realistic rendition of the Shaolin Kung-Fu traditions.”

According to Shi Heng Song, Shaolin master who leads the troupe, “Martial arts are mistakenly associated with violence and aggression but they are actually a means of reaching the highest level of harmony. We treat Kung-Fu as a meditation, as a means of breaking through physical and mental limitations and reaching the ultimate nothingness. The Kung-Fu practice evolved into a form of self defence as our monks of old had to protect themselves from bandits that were rampant in the countryside then. They did not have protection and weapons at their disposal and had to rely on their bodies and skill to avoid destruction. We are happy to demonstrate our techniques where the body is moulded into a weapon and is made resistant to extraneous damage.”

“Guest demands and increasing popularity of the Shaolin Monks show also indicates that the vast variety of shows at Global Village demand multiple visits so that all of them can be fully appreciated and enjoyed. A single visit is never enough and our guests are beginning to understand this and returning for more visits periodically,” added Bader.

Commenting on the show’s popularity at Global Village, Shi Heng Zhou, another master of Shaolin Kung-Fu said: “The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Kung Fu and our cast includes the very best experts. We create a show that eclipse any previous real-life performances audiences have ever seen. Our monks are the ultimate masters of Kung Fu who have refined martial arts over a period of fifteen centuries to a rare and spectacular point of perfection. The show depicts the near-miraculous feats of physical endurance, which are the outward expressions of an inner peace, harmony and iron will and this is what attracts the audiences.”

All shows and events at Global Village are included in the ticket price of AED 15.

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