The Formworks art gallery

  • The Formworks art gallery introduces colourful decorative items for home

The Formworks art gallery, a boutique for quirky home décor with an eye for fine art introduces decorative items for homes that are sure to brighten up the space. The new collection represents the fine craftsmanship of the artists.

Lucky Turtle

Keep this rustic golden bronze turtle in water that is apt as a showpiece and also for good luck!


The glass rabbit would look absolutely stunning on the window sill with the beautiful sun rays falling on it.

The Elephanta

Make this disfigured Elephanta as the centre piece of the living room table and grab everyone’s attention.

Warli Painting

This fine piece of painting will definitely stand out on a light wallpaper under a dim yellow light.

Peacock stand

The colourful peacock stand in rustic yet elegant gold adds perfection to an Indian theme home.

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