Former Minister Heavyweight Firm Signs with Emirati Pioneering Legal-Tech Provider

Former Minister of Justice heavyweight law firm signs cooperation with leading Emirati entrepreneurial legal-tech company.

In the first three months since Bin Nakhira & Partners’ launch in September 2018, the Firm has swiftly dominated the market with their high-powered attorneys and unprecedented knowledge, leaving other firms baffled by the storm. Bin Nakhira & Partners skipped the baby steps and completely redefined the manner in which legal matters take place in the nation through their focused contentious practice and innovative, effective dispute resolution services.

Today, Bin Nakhira & Partners has announced that they have signed with CodEngines, for implementing CasEngine — a comprehensive case management system developed for the complexity of work that firms such as Bin Nakhira & Partners take on. The software, also used by notable Emirati firms such as Hadef & Partners, and goliath Emirati companies such as the largest telecommunication company in the region Etisalat.

CasEngine provides, amongst other facilities, sophisticated docket management and timekeeping systems, and provides clients with client access to cases and reporting whilst ensuring complete security on all matters. With the addition of this unparalleled program, Bin Nakhira & Partners has set in stone their power in the industry with much more still to come.

The entrepreneurs and the brains behind the software, combined their first-hand unique legal and tech experience that resulted in the unique development of CodEngines. They represent the significant impact that Emirati entrepreneurs are making in the market with grassroots successes.

Commenting on the recent adoption of CodEngines, Mahmoud Abuwasel, Partner and Head of Client Strategy at Bin Nakhira & Partners said: “We are very excited to be one of the leading law firms to adopt CodEngine’s case management software. In a market where our clients demand value and efficiency, having a reliable case management platform is essential. With increasing technological advancements and evolving client needs, it was important that we invested in a system that would ensure our swift and practical response is met with technology that would support our efforts. With a compounding increasing caseload as our presence in the market expands, we expect to see the launch and adoption of more technologies in the coming months.”

The complex software builds on the already powerful presence of Bin Nakhira & Partners across the UAE.

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