Federal Tax Authority Organises Two Training Workshops for Inspectors of Economic Departments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

As part of its efforts to raise awareness on VAT procedures for business sectors, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) organised two training workshops for the inspectors of the economic departments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The two workshops aimed to educate inspectors on VAT regulations within various sectors, and to educate them with regards to the criteria that should be taken into consideration when inspecting businesses, in an effort to protect consumers rights and to ensure all businesses comply to tax procedures in order to prevent tax violations.

The workshops introduced participants to basic tax principles, VAT treatment to different sectors. Attendees explored VAT procedures, requirements of tax invoices and how to verify them, FAQs and common mistakes related to tax invoices.

His Excellency Khalid Al Bustani, FTA Director General, said: “Raising awareness among related government entities is a key objective for the Authority – one that educates the market around the tax system implemented in the UAE based on international best practices. Furthermore, spreading awareness helps to detect violations and protect society from unjustified price increases as VAT goes into effect.”

The workshops went on to answer inspectors’ queries, and to propose solutions to the challenges they face.

The FTA had recently held a meeting with the Ministry of Economy and representatives of economic development departments to work towards preventing price increasing. The meeting concluded with the adoption of an integrated programme that will allow the FTA and the Ministry to cooperate with other authorities to detect tax violations and take the required measures against violators, as well as to educate consumers about their rights.

The Federal Tax Authority has integrated its tax systems with all customs ports in the country for the purpose of collecting taxes from importers. The FTA pointed out that the UAE witnessing remarkable imports activity.

The Federal Tax Authority has appealed to citizens and residents not to believe false information regarding the implementation of VAT, which are being circulated by non-official bodies and accounts. The FTA urged the public to investigate the accuracy of any news and to rely on statements issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Authority for information. Citizens can also visit the FTA website (www.tax.gov.ae) – or the Authority’s social media accounts @uaetax – which is continuously updated to include comprehensive, detailed and accurate answers to the most common questions.

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