The European Union highlights the quality, safety and authenticity of agricultural food and beverage products at Gulfood 2019

The European Union (EU), the world’s leading exporter and importer of agricultural food and beverage products, is present at Gulfood this year with its own Pavilion, showcasing the safety, quality, and authenticity of EU agricultural food and beverage products.

The EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, who is travelling to Dubai with 39 high-level European business delegates on the occasion of Gulfood, will officially open the Pavilion.

The visit and the Pavilion aim to facilitate European agricultural food and drink exports to the UAE, whilst building on the existing presence and strong bonds of European agri-food producers with the UAE market and beyond.

“Gulfood is the largest annual food and beverage trade fair in the world. It is only natural that the EU – the world’s leading exporter and importer of agricultural food and beverage products – is so visible here, thanks to the presence of its Member States and the EU pavilion. This event is a great opportunity for business people not only from the United Arab Emirates but from all over the world to learn more about EU’s excellence in producing authentic, safe food, to the highest quality standards,” says EU Commissioner Phil Hogan.

The European Union Pavilion is set up as an immersive experience in which visitors can taste, smell and see a wide variety of agricultural products from all EU Member States. Cooking shows, tasting sessions and master classes are hosted in the Pavilion by two renowned chefs, Charles Soussin from France and Mona Mosly from Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates is the EU’s 13th biggest export market for agricultural food and beverage products, the value of which reached €2,953 million in 2017. As a net food-importer and an entry point to other Gulf countries, as well as Middle Eastern and North African markets, the UAE offers many opportunities for European producers.

The growing and diversified population of the UAE is interested in safe and healthy food exported by the EU. European products have been recognised for their diversity, safety, quality and authenticity, ensuring an appealing culinary experience.

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