Dubai leads in assistive technology with the launch of new MOBILIS factory

  • Cutting-edge smart technology strengthens Dubai’s position at forefront of industrial limb innovations

Dubai has strengthened its position as a global leader in smart technology with yesterday’s launch of the new MOBILIS (Modern Bionic Limb Solutions) smart factory, opened by Dr. Mark Sinclair, CEO of Mobility, Dr. Georges Feghali, COO of Emirates Healthcare Company, and Clancey Po, Director of Corporate Operations Strategy at NMC Healthcare Group. MOBILIS is at the forefront of the rapid development of assistive technology, using advanced robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing to produce orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Smart IT systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with the production line instantly which results in advanced manufacturing processes, improved patient care and increased quality of life. These innovative and advanced manufacturing processes ensure continuous quality standards, rapid implementation, accuracy in design and measurement taking.  This flexibility in taking measurements means patients do not need to attend the factory for measuring but can be scanned in a number of medical clinics equipped with innovative scanner technology.

Dr. Mark Sinclair, CEO of Mobility and a pediatric orthopedic specialist, said the shift from traditional manual methods to assistive production techniques will have a huge impact on the daily lives of patients around the world, adding that leading Orthopedic and Orthodontics centres around the world operate under these standards.

“When the healthcare sector treats a patient—and in many cases, saves a person’s life—sometimes this treatment does not provide on-going, post-care quality of life, and hope for their future. But with the new and smart technology and innovations MOBILIS is creating, we are taking patient care to new levels, helping to return quality of life to patients and often giving them back the life they had pre-treatment. So this technology is truly transforming lives,” said Dr Sinclair.

The use of electronic data interchange technologies in the manufacture of orthopedic devices and prostheses ensures better operational speed, optimal results in terms of flexibility and accuracy, improved patient care and improved quality of life. Smart IT devices communicate and collaborate with each other and with the production line instantly. These innovative and advanced manufacturing processes ensure that quality standards are consistently maintained.

After the initial opening of the new MOBILIS facility in Dubai, the pilot production is scheduled to begin in the next few months.


MOBILIS is a professional manufacturer and distributor of high-quality products and services, advanced assistive technology, and leading professional operating procedures. Orthopedic and prosthetic services provide solutions and help opportunities tailored to individual and specific needs, based on the condition of each patient and with constant focus on the best medical outcomes. To better optimize daily activities, integrate into society, and achieve rehabilitation goals. The company’s mission is to ensure that medical products and services are manufactured, tested and launched to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability, durability and innovation using the latest technologies to add value to patients’ lives.

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