Delta Food Industries to take part in Gulfood 2019

  • The company will launch a new range of high-quality food products at the trade show

Delta Food Industries FZC, the leading manufacturer of high-quality food and beverage products in the UAE, has announced its participation in Gulfood 2019, the world’s largest food and beverages trade show, which will be held during February 17-21 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Delta Food Industries, which has been based inside the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone since 2012, will participate in the new edition of Gulfood in order to promote its various food products such as tomato paste, tomato ketchup, evaporated milk, sterilized cream, hot sauce, milk powder, corn-starch, and custard powder.

The ISO 22000 Certified Company has experienced significant growth in terms of production lines, workforce and market share over the past three years, with an annual growth rate of 30 per cent. The company has strengthened its export operations as part of its efforts to expand into global markets, and it has succeeded in opening more channels of trade and commerce in the UK and in the West Africa region by adopting a range of advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, the United States, and India in order to keep up with the rapidly increasing demands.

Sharad Anand, CEO of Delta Food Industries, stated that Delta Food’s commitment to participate in Gulfood annually is due to the mega event’s status as one of the most important specialized global exhibitions. He added that the company aims to promote its products at the exhibition, as well as attract new investors and clients from around the world, and form partnerships that enhance the distribution of the company’s products in foreign markets.

Anand remarked that Delta Food intends to launch a new range of high-quality food products at Gulfood 2019, which includes products such as Mayonnaise and a special tomato paste mix for West African dish consumed by a population of 200 million. The company will use its participation in Gulfood as an opportunity to discover the latest developments and innovations in food processing industry and adopt new ways to enhance cost efficiency, sustainability and supply chain management.

Delta Food will also highlight its new investments in the field of manufacturing and exporting of cans. The company’s tin can manufacturing unit has a capacity to produce 30 million cans per month, and is currently exporting cans to Gulf region and United Kingdom.

Delta Food has more than 500 employees, and its production capacity is equivalent to 600-700 containers per month of high-quality food products. The company expects to see further growth in its business in 2019, as it gears up for the 2020 Expo in Dubai.

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