How to decorate a nursery with a stained glass butterfly

If you’re thinking of decorating a nursery with a stained glass butterfly, first of all, congratulations! There are so many options to choose from, including the classic Monarch butterfly

We all know how beautiful they are and they represent transformation since they change from a caterpillar to a butterfly. 

There are many different ways to incorporate stained glass into your decor, which I’ll be going into in this article. 

Glass Window Suncatchers

Glass suncatchers, as you probably guessed, are hung in a window to catch the sun. The colors would be beautifully backlit and highlighted. 

Or, you could hang the glass suncatcher on the wall in a sunny spot… 

They’re easy and quick to put up and, depending on the size and where you buy it, can also be inexpensive. Which I’m sure as an expectant parent, would be appreciated! 

Another option, if it’s affordable for you, is getting a stained glass window installed. 


If you have them inside, windchimes could be a gorgeous way to decorate your nursery, without waking your baby or babies. You could hang them in the window of course, or from a hook in the corner of the room. 

Stained Glass Wall Decor

If you don’t have a window in the nursery, or just prefer wall art, this is another relatively inexpensive and easy to put up option for your nursery.

Glass Panels 

If you have a larger budget, you could get glass panels as a wall in the nursery with butterflies on them.

Or, you could also buy one of those privacy screens that people used to get dressed behind if you have space. Another alternative is to buy a door with a glass panel on it.


You’ll need to have a light to see, so why not consider buying a lamp with a butterfly lampshade or stained glass lampshade? Or, maybe a nightlight with a stained glass butterfly cover on it. You could also consider a new ceiling light cover. 

Diaper Change Table 

You’ll need to change your baby or babies. It would be a gorgeous addition to any nursery to have a changing table with stained glass doors with a butterfly on them. Or perhaps add a suncatcher to the side of a plain change table where it’ll catch the light. 

Other Ideas

If you’re crafty, you could, of course, make your own stained glass decor. Or, if you’re able to, go thrifting. This is a great way to find treasures at an amazing price if you’re persistent and lucky! 

You might even find the items I suggested if you’re lucky. 

Or, there are also plates, glasses, or vases you could decorate with on a shelf or nightstand that have butterflies on them. 

There are so many options that are inexpensive if you keep an open mind. 

Butterflies are a lovely and powerful symbol of transformation. And they’re appropriate for a boy or girl. 

I hope this inspired you to decorate your nursery in a creative and inexpensive way. Or to give a gift to expecting parents you know.

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