Dangerous Driving Increases Slightly, but Remains on Relatively Low Level – ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’ (8th cycle)

  • 8th cycle of the unique perception study of UAE motorists
  • Dangerous driving rises slightly, but remains on relatively low level
  • Speeding increases significantly
  • Tailgating and lane swerving slightly increase
  • Distracted driving slightly decreases
  • Commute times slightly decrease
  • Near ‘all-time-high‘ values for happiness with infrastructure and driving enjoyment

The results of the 8th cycle of the unique and long-running ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’ study once again underline the authorities’ efforts to further improve the country’s road infrastructure and this directly contributes to all-time-high values for driving enjoyment and a slight decrease in commute times. However, the study once again points out the (mis)behavior of motorists, stating a slight increase in the perception of dangerous driving overall, but thankfully still on a relatively low level over the 8 cycles since 2015.

“This unique perception study provides valuable feedback about the impact of the involved stakeholders’ efforts aimed at increasing road safety,” said Rajesh Sethi, CEO of Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance. “We participated in this study because we believe communicating these indicators to the public can positively influence behaviors and eventually decrease road accidents.”

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE adds: “We see positive perception trends with regards to the authorities’ continued efforts in further improving the road infrastructure and the resulting positive factors, especially with regards to driving enjoyment and slightly reduce commute times. Still, more needs to be done to educate motorists using the well perceived infrastructure by improving their driving behavior. We must be cognizant of the fact, that proper behavior and responsible road users are the main ingredients to make our roads safer!”.

The highlights of the 8th cycle of the ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’:

UAE motorists state (‘strongly agree’ / ‘agree’) their perception of the main causes of dangerous driving; trends versus the previous cycle (7th cycle) in brackets.

  • Infrastructure improvement: 81% (-2% from all-time-high of 83%)
  • Overall driving enjoyment: 58% (+/- 0% from all-time-high)
  • Commute times: 54% (-1%)
  • Dangerous driving overall: 43% (+3%)
    • Distracted driving: 68% (-1%)
    • Speeding: 61% (+4%)
    • Lane Swerving: 61% (+1%)
    • Tailgating: 60% (+1%)
    • Involved in a collision: 19% (+/- 0%)

The study was commissioned by Noor Takaful and RoadSafetyUAE and was conducted by YouGov in October 2019, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,000 UAE residents.

The details of the UAE Road Safety Monitor can be found in the ‘featured’ section on: http://www.roadsafetyuae.com/statistics. The study will be repeated every six months with the next cycle planned for HY1/2020.

About RoadSafetyUAE:

RoadSafetyUAE’s vision is to contribute to reducing the number of road traffic fatalities, injuries and accidents in the UAE. RoadSafetyUAE’s mission is to raise the awareness for proper conduct on our roads, in an engaging manner and on a broadly communicated and permanent basis. RoadSafetyUAE’s award-winning platform engages with the stakeholders traffic participants, governmental entities, the media, and more than 20 corporate social responsibility (CSR) minded partners. ‘Tips & Tricks’ are the content backbone, provided for more than 60 topics of road safety, all specifically relevant to the UAE. More can be found on www.RoadSafetyUAE.com

About Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance:

Noor Takaful, established in early 2009, is the leading ethical insurance company at the forefront of personalised ethical insurance that offers its customers tangible value. The award-winning, Sharia-compliant insurance company, has made insurance an essential part of life. Noor Takaful proudly provides its clients with customised solutions for various areas of their life. This includes car takaful, medical takaful, travel takaful, family takaful, and home takaful. Expanding its services to companies of all sizes, Noor Takaful also offers corporate and SME takaful.

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