Creative Sustainability Showcase at Dubai Outlet Mall Marks Year of Zayed

  • The exhibition in partnership with Dubai Police displays a wealth of every items which have been creatively recycled
  • Shoppers are being encouraged to be mindful of what they throw away
  • Visitors can leave inspiration messages on giant board in tribute to Sheikh Zayed


The Year of Zayed is being marked at Dubai Outlet Mall this month, where shoppers can learn more about the value of recycling and sustainability and the positive effects it can have on society and the planet.

Dubai Police, Dubai Camel Racing Club and furniture recycling specialists, Home Depot have partnered with Dubai Outlet Mall to present an enlightening showcase of recycled items that can be used in every-day life. The collection makes for an arresting and colourful display in the entrance to the Mall and is attracting the interest of visitors, both young and old.  Items from which visitors can take inspiration include old wooden pallets made into bed divans and industrial drums cleverly transformed into comfortable and bright sofas and eye-catching easy-chairs.

Dubai Camel Club have also presented a photographic display, which depicts typical Dubai scenes from over five decades ago, many of them featuring the desert animal.

In addition, the display highlights to mall visitors how the use of single-use plastic is devastating the oceans and killing off marine life and how they can contribute to stopping that damaging process.

His Highness, the late Sheikh Zayed incorporated sustainability as a core value in his vision, and the idea behind the display is to further his powerful agenda by highlighting how every-day items can be recycled in very creative and useful ways.  Encouraging shoppers and the local community to think about how they are disposing of their unwanted goods, be these plastic cups and bottles, or their unwanted furniture is the aim.   The intention is that shoppers will leave the Dubai Outlet Mall with a keen sense of how they can be mindful of what they throw away and how, what may seem like rubbish, can actually go on to be renewed and useful.

In addition to the exhibition, and in tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed, shoppers are also being encouraged to write messages of inspiration and positivity and display these on a giant board inside Dubai Outlet Mall.  Representatives from Dubai Police and Dubai Camel Club have been among the contributors.  In further celebration of Sheikh Zayed’s vision, the Dubai Outlet Mall is also displaying, on an exterior wall, a giant mural depicting a desert scene and animals.

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