From the Cradle to the Grave, Holborn Assets Wants To Be There

In this day and age, there’s no shortage of people in need of financial service of some kind. But it’s difficult to find a financial services company that you can trust to give you services that will actually help you for a fair price and that will actually care about your particular needs. Some companies simply don’t provide the best services at all. But then there are companies like Holborn Assets, one of the leading international financial services companies. This company offers various feels of expertise and have only the most qualified advisers so that nothing can beat them at their own game.

Holborn Assets’s Advisers approach financial planning in a very open and compliant manner due to their jurisdiction. You see, unlike many other financial services companies, they are not sales driven, but rather they are quality driven and treat their customers with empathy to make sure that they are given the appropriate services that they need. Everything this company has done since its inception back in 1998 has been done to reach this goal, which is why they have invested heavily into the extensive redevelopment of their various IT systems. This will only make them better equipped to provide better care to their clients.

Holborn Assets is spread all over the world from the UK and Europe to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and they continue to open new companies and offices all across the globe. Recently they have opened new offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Marbella, Spain; and Manchester, UK. The ability to spread their efforts further and further allows them to help more people, and only furthers their commitment to excellence as they move into new offices. Holborn Assets has a strong ethical foundation in their business practice and they maintain those ethics in every part of the world they can be found in.

However, the primary location of Holborn Assets is in Dubai. The reason for this is because the company was originally founded to fill a huge gap in the financial service offerings in the early 2000s in Dubai. Like I said before, they are committed to their ethical standing, it is what they were founded on and what they remain for to this very day. It’s not likely to change anytime soon so I wouldn’t start to worry about a change in policy ruin anything or hurting your chance as a client. Everything they do is always for the sake of the client.

Advisers contact their clients at least annually for a full review of their portfolio though in several cases it will probably be more often than that depending upon the specific requirements that have been agreed upon ahead of time. But even without that, there’s still the Clent Relationship Management Team which can offer any further clarification or help you may still need. You will have an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) to answer any questions or to meet with you and they won’t try to bother you too much due to them recognizing the basic fact that you are a human being who has a life. Quite the concept isn’t it?

At Holborn Assets there’s an incredibly high standard set for all of the people who work there and they aim to meet that for themselves and their clients. Needless to say, if and when they make a commitment, they will always honor that commitment. So if you as a client ever feel that you need to make a formal complaint to the company then you can expect the response to be not only immediate but also fair and polite as well. If you ever need to contact Holborn Assets to file a complaint there are a number of methods to do so. You can speak directly to your advisor to try to resolve your issue directly. You can fill out an online form on their “Contact Us” page and submit it to them. The best part is that since Holborn Assets operates independently, that means that unlike say your bank which can only advise on their own products or those of their partnered insurance company, Holborn Assets is tied down to no one and has the complete freedom to offer you any service that works without any vested interest.

Holborn Assets promotes what they call “Cradle to Grave Financial Planning”. A partnership that they hope will truly last a lifetime. They truly want to support you at every financial milestone in your life by keeping you firmly in view. There are six major services that Holborn Assets offers to help accomplish this task and they are Investments, Mortgages, Insurance, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits, and the last category they just generalize as “other services” which is generally there for other individual exchanges and corporate solutions.

Perhaps you’re new to this kind of thing, like investing for example. You’re walking into a minefield and you don’t even know what a minefield is. Well, Holborn Assets will actively help you understand it every step of the way. With mortgages, everything becomes so much easier to do and understand when you have professional help and support along the way.

The idea of planning for your retirement so soon might sound a bit much to some, but it’s actually a very smart decision to start sooner rather than later. It’s better to start planning things out now, especially in the case that something unexpected or tragic were to happen.

Holborn Assets is there for every financial problem and wants to be there for you in particular. To them helping you with your financial situations is so much more than just a business opportunity, but a social responsibility.

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