Covid and Marketing – What the Future Holds for Dubai’s Massive SEO Industry

Coronavirus is the global highlight today. Killing and infecting scores of people each day in almost every part of the world, the contagion seems to be going nowhere anytime soon. It has already toppled the most robust of economies, disrupted lives, and wreaked havoc on businesses of every sort and size. The magnitude of the outbreak is something the world has never seen before.
But one, and probably the only, good thing that the pandemic has triggered is the much-needed acceleration of digital uptake in everyday life. Countries that were lagging behind in terms of digitization of education, remote working, and commerce, are now scrambling to adopt digital means. Even when the virus lock downs lift in the future, experts doubt a complete return to normalcy as we knew it in the pre-Covid world.

Resultantly, the focus has shifted from offline to online with the people who preferred to make cash transactions, do grocery shopping, and perform other everyday functions physically now becoming comfortable with doing it all digitally. It’s finally dawning on them that the petty tasks they used to spend hours in doing physically could just be done with simple taps on the phone screen.
One market that this new development has a direct effect is online search. With more people looking online for products and services around them than before, spending in digital means of marketing has become more relevant and crucial for small, medium, and large businesses. That is the reason why we don’t see digital marketing budgets shrinking while the global ad spend is expected to drop 10% this year.

“Like other global markets, the SEO industry of Dubai and the whole of Middle East can be expected to remain strong and booming. As more people shop online and look for tools to stay productive, connected, and entertained while working or studying from home, the search market is only getting more competitive forcing businesses to keep their digital visibility solid and consistent. So, it’s easy to forecast that the only way digital marketing is going to go is up,” shared Mr. Zahir Shah, who is an SEO Expert from Dubai and has been serving the industry since 2005.

Mr. Zahir Shah further said that Dubai’s SEO industry has always been highly competitive and thriving. The emirate’s status of the region’s business hub earned it even more business and with it expanded the region’s sprawling advertising industry. But, despite the coronavirus pandemic upending revenues and profits and companies slashing their ad budgets, not much has changed for SEO in Dubai, at least for the worse.

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