Cotton Coin Technologies introduces unique solution to the cotton industry

Cotton Coin Technologies introduces unique solution to the cotton industry

Leading digital solutions provider, Cotton Coin Technologies, uses blockchain technology to liberate the cotton industry with the creation of Cotton Coin Cryptocurrency (COTN)

Cotton Coin Technologies has announced the creation of what seems to be a revolution or disruption of the cotton industry as it launches a digital currency designed to liberate the industry and address many of the pressing issues faced by cotton farmers.

The cotton industry is by far one of the most important industries in the farming sector. The industry which has created billionaires in the fashion industry and clothed billions of people across the globe is however plagued by poverty. Over 300,000 cotton farmers in 3rd world countries like India have killed themselves since 1995 due to indebtedness and hopelessness, according to a study by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Cotton Coin Technologies is, therefore, introducing a solution that will free farmers and other such stakeholders in the value chain, allowing them to lead the life they deserve.

The coin features great functionality, built on blockchain technology and created to service all the participants in the cotton supply chain with convenient, secure and easy payments. With a backend growers-to-buyers traceability solution, the coin is to be used by more than 6,000 companies, reaching over 30 million people across the globe.

A total supply of 20,000,000 COTN will be made available to users across the globe, helping to improve the distribution of cotton, resolve procurement issues, fight off corruption, support fair trade, and build trust among the cotton supply chain companies, consumers, and authorities in the emerging markets. And most importantly, help to save the lives of cotton farmers.

Cotton Coin Technologies also announced plans to create 2 decentralized mobile apps to complete the “disruption” of the cotton industry and make the world a better place.

More information about the initial coin offering for COTN and other exciting solutions from Cotton Coin Technologies can be found on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

About Cotton Coin Technologies

Cotton Coin Technologies is a digital solutions provider that aims to alleviate the suffering of farmers and other stakeholders in the cotton industry using blockchain technology. Headquartered in India, the company and The Cotton Coin project is managed by a team of professionals, spearheaded by Jingle Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

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