I-COM 2018: Ekimetrics won the Intel challenge hackathon final showcasing its consultants’ excellence in Data Science

Ekimetrics put its 11-year experience in Data Science to the test by entering in the 9th edition of the I-COM Global Summit which brings together advertisers and other international agencies on the topic of Data Science applied to Marketing. Ekimetrics was proud to win one of this event’s most prestigious competitions: the Intel Challenge Tier 1.

The Intel Challenge rewards the team that best demonstrates its ability to develop a series of algorithms and advanced technical approaches, leveraging real-life data provided by a collection of companies (Intel, Google, Brandwatch, …). Each team is tasked with providing its solution at the end of a 24-hour marathon, compressing several weeks of work in a race against the clock.

The results are shared and assessed by a panel of Data Science experts from renowned brands including Dentsu, Warner Bros., Vodafone and more. Each team’s innovative solution is judged based on two criteria: a quantitative assessment of the accuracy of the predictive analyses, and a qualitative assessment of each team’s ability to translate their project’s output into strategic recommendations for Intel.

As the sponsor and participating company, Intel’s objective is to identify a data-driven action plan to strengthen their market leadership in the AI space. During the competition, Ekimetrics developed an approach leveraging real-life data through social media sentiment analyses, marketing mix optimization, and competition mapping to produce a battle plan and optimized marketing scenarios. The success of the winning proposal was built on a combination of intuition, marketing expertise and advanced analytics.

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