Collective Dreams Exhibition

Art Perspective introduces new artists at Le Patio

Habtoor Palace, LXR Hotels & Resorts, in collaboration with Sulty Events and Entertainment introduce a new collection “Collective Dreams” for the Art Perspective exhibition in the surrounding area of ‘Le Patio”.

The artists showcasing their work include Farah Khan, Hassan Edilbi, Khaled Hounaysh, Maja Poljak, Mowafaq Al Hashimi, Shiba Khan, Valia Abou AlFadel and Zeinab Yehia. The inspiring exhibition at Le Patio will offer guests a look into the world of Art presented in a modern and contemporary venue with a careful selection of artists.

A brainchild of Sulty events and the Late Regina Sio, Art Perspective celebrates the work of established and new artists. Vanessa de Caires, Owner of Sulty Events and Entertainment Dubai said: “Our aim is to bring different artists together to showcase emerging art to enthusiasts and the public. Le Patio is an ideal venue for art and culture events and following the success of previous exhibitions, we have set a new standard in the art and design industry.”

The art selected in this initiative are ideal as masterpieces in art galleries and private Collectors residences. Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Business leaders and media visit the exhibition during the display.

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