CITRA, Kuwait’s Regulatory Body Brings Regulation, Open Expansion of Telecom and More.

Recently, the regulatory body for telecom; Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, (CITRA) has been actively seeking a stronger footing within the Kuwaiti government in the hopes of ushering in a new tech model, for bringing growth and prosperity to the country.

Expansion of the body’s powers would mean a substantial increase in the country’s telecom footprint, fostering a higher grade of connectivity, which in turn would bring Kuwait in line with larger countries telecom infrastructure. The CITRA will enhance Kuwait’s economy through regulation and revenue generation in several ways.

Audit, Control and Revenue Assurance

In the ever-changing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) landscape, CITRA must institute legislation and regulation in line with the constant expansion of the industry. In the beginning, CITRA was heavily regulated and monopolized by the state. By 2014 it was in its 4th generation and moving towards liberalization on a scale that is now requiring sweeping changes in how it functions. At present, it is organizing to meet those changes.

The Solution

The guiding principles for CITRA in this new and more open climate of innovation have been sure and swift. An agile regulatory body is necessary for growth in the fast-paced, ever-growing complexity of the ICT climate.

The first principle mandates a reinforcement of CITRA’s role in regulatory reform. The body is poised to implement new and innovative standards by which it can protect, promote and create revenue assurances through professional structuring. These actions would bring service availability, price fixing and quality of service to the protections forefront of telecommunications service. Promoting transparent performance and KPI’s as well as setting standards and finally bringing regulators and revenue assurance together so that the two are visibly working together.

The second principle is the execution and management of audit, control and revenue assurance. This principle must be aligned with the ever-increasing complexity and structure of the global growth if all ICT. CITRA is now in a position to collect data from all Operators on revenues posted on a monthly basis. This posture allows the organization to share in the growth of industry and create robust incentives for its consistent change.

The third principle is the collection of a fee per unit of communication, which assists with the constant changes in development in the ICT infrastructure. CITRA must address these changes through better and more comprehensive regulation, and more fees to cover services such as National Calls, Incoming and Outgoing International Calls, SMS, Data and Mobile Money Transactions, as well as others.

The fourth principle is the evolution of CITRA’s role and the authority’s measure of its positive influence on the overall economic climate of Kuwait. With the development of its stature, the preventative and proactive system to beat back fraud and push forward revenue into the body itself is a clear indicator of a positive impact on the economy.


With a new audit, control and revenue assurance solution in place the infrastructure of the ICT in Kuwait can build on itself consistently. That growth has a growing impact on ICT itself, regenerating more and more flow in a forward motion. Keeping up with the ever-growing complexity and sheer size of ICT, CITRA can play a significant role in function and advancement of that complexity.


While the leading players in this industry, Operators, and Digital Service Providers, have for some time been meeting the new needs of customers, the regulatory body has been heavy-handed and restrictive. This aggression has left those players far out ahead of the regulatory, governmental and ministries of the country. The new CITRA will definitively move revenue into the governing bodies and back into the system infrastructure.

Moving through the challenges will require calm and deliberate reorganization of the CITRA regulatory model, even though that has already gone into motion. Maintaining an agile and functional revenue regeneration and regulation – building on positive models will more than make CITRA a leading force in the ICT of the Arab world.

The telecommunications of Kuwait’s tomorrow are already in place but, need to be carefully scrutinized for a more consistent and uniform regulation process, revenue streams, and core system structure. CITRA is already positioned to bring that to Kuwait right now.

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