How to Choose a Used Elliptical Machine

One of the modern exercise equipment, an elliptical machine makes a difference in your life in terms of your personal health and fitness. They are easier on your limbs, especially your joints, and are extremely helpful in burning a considerable number of calories and getting some energy. Unlike other workout equipment, elliptical machines are much safer, with the risk of impact injuries far lower on them.

While ellipticals are fitness buffs’ favorite machines, they cost a good fortune. This is where the option of buying a used, or second-hand, machine comes into play. After all, second-hand workout machines, including ellipticals, are much easier to buy as they are on the cheap, costing a fraction of what a new equipment will be worth. You can literally save thousands of dollars by buying used fitness machines, and ellipticals are no exception.

Not all used fitness paraphernalia is worth the savings, nevertheless. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying used ellipticals.

Do some research

The market is awash will all types of gym equipment. The specific pieces of second-hand fitness gear you choose to buy ought to be based on the type of workout you enjoy doing, as well as relate to your fitness objectives. So, do your own research online or otherwise, to ensure you get only the best elliptical out there.

Try before you buy

Shopping for a second-hand elliptical that you have already used at a gym is a good idea. You must ensure that you are familiar with the machine you wish to buy, and that it is good enough to be used regularly. In fact, it should not only be durable but also dependable. Steer clear of an elliptical machine that does nothing more than catch your fancy, and which, once bought, will make you regret your decision.

Choose Branded machine

Your inability to buy a new elliptical machine should not lead you to go for a run-of-the-mill item. You can have high-quality elliptical machines even if you are on a shoestring budget. A rule of thumb: never opt for anything mediocre when it comes to electronics and fitness equipment; purchasing branded machines will generally save you money in the end.

Check for wear and tear

Since a used elliptical machine may have developed faults and corrosion, you should ensure that you buy one that is flawless and absolutely up and running. Meticulously test the machine before buying it to ensure that everything is perfect working order. If any parts of the machine need cleaning or replacing, be sure they are still on hand for buying and are reasonably priced.

Ensure the machine is safe to use

Another vital feature of purchasing a used elliptical machine is to ensure that it is safe to use. For example, it’s important to check the emergency shut-off switches, and examining the electronics and wires for wearing or other signs of harm. There should be no excessive wear or signs of cracks on the rubber or plastic parts.

Check the warranty

Most of the used electronics and fitness items are generally not under any warranty, and elliptical machines are no exception. But still, it’s advisable to ensure that do carry a warranty. If the machine is a high-end and expensive brand, it’s always good to contact the manufacturer to ask about the product and ask if they offer any service or support. There’s also no harm in asking about buying an extended warranty plan if one is on hand. Or at least, check to see if the machine had any recalls and if spare parts are easy to get.

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