How to Choose Home Appliances for Living Room

Home Appliances

The home appliances for the living room are generally the air conditioners, vacuum cleaner, fans, air purifier, disposal unit, humidifier, room heater television etc. You need to prioritize your needs and the existing space while buying these products. For example the air conditioners types are available in window mounted, wall mounted; split, centralized and packaged.  Having a centralized type can serve in cooling your entire home including the bedrooms, kitchen and the drawing room. Similarly you need to consider energy and cost saving parameters while selecting the home and specially the kitchen accessories.

Air Conditioners

 The window based air conditioners can be chosen based on air circulation, cooling capacity, volume capacity in tons, moisture removal, power consumption and operating temperature range. A standard 1.5 ton air conditioner comes with turbo cooling, auto restart and efficient heat removing capacity. The power consumed for removing the 1 ton of heat per hour gives you the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. Some of the machines may have higher savings, but you also need to consider the size of the room they can cool. One ton air conditioner can cover 100 to 120 square foot room in an efficient manner. The cooling capacity of the standard device varies between 8,500BTUHr and 12,000BTU/Hour for medium and large size living rooms. The moisture removal is generally between 1LTR/Hr and 2LTR/hr for the standard household appliances. The compressor pumps for the air conditioner can be piston, scroll; reciprocating, rotary or centrifugal type. Most commonly preferred types for the window air conditioner are the piston or rotary type for the living rooms.


The humidifiers are used for condensing the moisture in your living room and converting it into water molecules. The air released by such home accessories can be dry and hot in nature. Hence you will also need an air conditioner. The high end air conditioners can also perform the task of dehumidification, but they cannot delivery efficient output when used in tropical and humid conditions.

Lighting Home Appliances

If your living room is in the range of 200 to 250 square feet you can conveniently opt for light sources with five thousand lumens. You can opt for two or three light sources from the ceiling, walls and the tables. Floor lamps are useful for light augmentation at the specific spots in your living room. Pendant lamps are useful for light pooling on tables, sofas, television sets etc. Chandeliers are used for interior decoration and for getting ambient light in the living room. Choose between modern and rustic models to match with the other furniture and home accessories used in the living room. Ceiling lamps are useful for illuminating the entire room with bright light. You may need them during study hours. By combining the various types of lighting you can enhance the ambience levels within your living room.

Room Heater

You can choose the living room heaters based on their form, coverage area and design. Radiant types of heaters use metal heating element or quartz. Standard heaters with 1500 watt capacity will be sufficient for your living room having area between 100 and 150 square feet.

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