The Best Methods to Lose Weight in a Home Gym


Let’s face it. Working out in the gym has its pros and that can’t be denied, If you’re stuck in your home or let’s say there’s a pandemic is on the loose, you don’t have much of a choice to stay at your home, right?

But then again, you don’t want to stop working out. You can’t just wait and watch yourself gaining weight, all that time you’d become the person that you told yourself you wouldn’t become. You need to do something about it.

No worries, we’ve got your back. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying home for a while. We’ll show you the best methods to lose weight in your new home gym.

‘Home Gym?’ Yep, it’s time to turn your home into your personal gym, and that too without investing a lot of fortune.

Methods to Lose Weight

We’ve talked about the easiest and most effective methods of losing weight here. Give these tips a read and mix everything up to gain a nice aesthetic.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eating all the things you can find seems mouthwatering. However, overeating can be harmful to your health. So, the first thing is first, you’ve got to cut down that useless food and start having nutritious food to fuel your fat loss.

Try having the complex carbohydrates instead of the normal ones. We’re talking about things like oats, brown rice, etc. These foods will make you feel full even though if you eat less. The best part? Your insulin level doesn’t reach its peak.

Also, remember that eating fat can be healthy too. So, don’t put a full-stop on having a bit fat though. You’ll need it.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Who doesn’t love to open that can of coke and quench his thirst? Now, when you’re having coke and the likes of it, you’re having a lot of sugar, reducing sugar intake can actually help you lose weight fast.

We’re not saying you have to completely avoid it, no. fruit sugars are incredibly awesome for speeding up your metabolism and creating the healthy hormones you need to thrive.

Try Drinking Water

Beverages can be harmful but not water. Water is free of calories by nature. Instead of having those alluring beverages, it’s better for you if you rely on the water more to quench your thirst.

Spend 10 Minutes Working Out Every Morning

Working out in the morning is pretty important. Before having your breakfast, just run for 10 minutes and you’ll be done. This is a great way to start your healthy new habits, you can always increase from 10 minutes but build positive habits and confidence and results will follow.

Run for 20 Minutes Every Evening

So, you had your morning run, now it’s time to do the same in the evening as well. Jog for 20 minutes in the street and you’ll be able to avoid diseases like ‘couch potatotism’. Now, you might think that it is not much, but to be honest, you’ll see the differences in your body within a few weeks.

Do Yoga

When the sun is smiling at you and the birds are singing, it’s time for you to join them. A nice yoga session would be perfect. It will keep you calm and peaceful and not to mention, you’ll be able to maintain your shape. Just grab your yoga mat and start creating health, balance, and a toned body.


Cardio’s probably the best thing that will make you lose weight fast. Now, this involves a lot of things like running, cycling and running. Though these are the things you basically need to do outside. However, if you can’t help but stay at your home, you better get yourself an exercise bike and skipping rope.  If you are someone looking for either a used or brand new Cardio machine in UAE, , a UAE based gym equipment retailer, has everything in their online stock.

Weight Lifting Exercises

For this, you’ll need to use some basic instruments like dumbbells, weight lifting balls, and other heavy equipment that helps you lift the weight. Lifting this equipment is a simple way to set your sweat loose. Therefore, you’ll start to lose weight as well.

Body Weight Exercises

 When you’re too tired lifting weights, you can use the weight of your body as the catalyst to your physical regime. Try doing some push-ups, sit-ups, squats and burpees. Keep doing it regularly and feel the differences.

Sleep Well

After all that serious activity the whole day, your body needs to rest. Don’t work too much at night. Hit the sack as early as possible. Remember, your body will function better when it will be able to take enough rest. Besides, sleeping well burns calories as well.

Final Words

Well, that was everything about losing weight at home. We hope this guide will help you through while you get to have the shape you’ve always been craving for. Now its time to GET TO WORK 🙂 and who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to join those body-builders in the competition next year.

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