Beau-Rivage honey bees roll out summer flavour for Chef’s seasonal menu

During the summer, guests at the Beau-Rivage Geneva, will taste ‘a thousand flowers’ when enjoying the hotels own organic honey brand. Chef Dominique Gauthier incorporates the seasonal honey in to dishes served at Le Chat-Botté for a truly exceptional and nutritious Michelin-starred dining experience.

The oldest hotel in the city, has valued nature and its surrounding ecosystem for years by supporting the beehives and bee population. A small gesture of sustainability that goes a long way in maintaining one of the most important pollinators of crops worldwide.

Every year, Beau-Rivage Geneva sponsors a beehive to stimulate the number of bees and hives in the canton of Geneva. In collaboration with Les Miels de Stéphanie, Beau-Rivage Geneva is being environmentally responsible through the re-introduction of bees to the Swiss Canton through investing in the farm’s beehives. The bees are left to roam freely and produce their honey in the hives at the farm, the only human factor in the process is pouring the honey into the jars for guests to enjoy.

Guests at the historic hotel can savour the organic honey from the farm during breakfast, dinner or simply purchase some of their own from Beau-Rivage Geneva. The sustainable hotel offers a variety of flavours from their frame of beehive depending on the season; Acacia in Spring, “Mille fleurs” in Summer, sweet chestnut tree in Autumn. Not to mention the renowned creations at the kitchen of Le Chat-Botté. Each season, the skilled Chef creates one dish or one dessert utilising the honey. At the moment, chef Dominique Gauthier is serving poultry from Domaine du Nant d’Avril, homemade honey, lemon from Nice and asparagus from Provence.

Chef Gauthier also advises his guests to reap the benefits of nature’s sweet wonder by taking a spoonful every morning, or using it in their beverages as a sweetener instead of sugar. They can also enjoy it over breakfast with a lightly buttered toast or during lunch by drizzling some on a goat cheese salad. The Chef recommends using the honey in making vinaigrettes for many dishes, and it is always better to use it instead of sugar for healthier desserts.

The Mayer Family has always given back to society through a number of charities and giving back to nature is just another way for them to show appreciation to the community and environment in which they built their heritage.

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