Arab Hope Makers initiative attracts over 15,000 applications in the first week

  • Egypt tops the list of candidates, followed by UAE and Algeria
  • Over 75,000 Arab Hope Makers website views in one week

Within a week of its launch, the third round of Arab Hope Makers initiative, the largest of its kind to celebrate philanthropic efforts in the region, attracted over 15,000 inspiring stories of hope across the Arab world.

The initiative received applications from Arab individuals, teams and entities with humanitarian initiatives and volunteering programmes that improve lives across the world in various fields.

Egypt has topped the list of candidates with 16.2 per cent of the total number of applications, followed by United Arab Emirates with 16 per cent, Algeria with 9.5 per cent, Morocco with 9 per cent and Iraq with 6 per cent.

The initiative’s website also recorded a whopping 75,600 views from interested candidates and visitors looking to gain an insight on the Arab Hope Makers initiative that falls under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI).

Khaled Al Shehhi, Director of the Arab Hope Makers initiative, said, “For the third consecutive year, Arab Hope Makers confirm that the region is filled with inspiring stories that can motivate others to develop positive thinking and contribute to fighting challenges in their societies.”

Al Shehhi noted that the overwhelming response reflects the enthusiasm that the initiative has created since its launch. “The popularity it received in the Arab world achieves the initiative’s mission to honor men and women who strive to spread hope, face societal challenges and improve the quality of life in their communities through their humanitarian and social initiatives that aim to create a better future.”

He pointed out the increased participation of youth, especially university students, in this year’s initiative. To ensure careful follow-up on the huge number of stories submitted, Al Shehhi said, “a specialized team has been formed to identify, evaluate and follow up applications and nominations received on the main website and social media. The team also follows all related messages received from all over the world.”

Egypt topped the list

Egypt has topped the list of candidates for the third Arab Hope Makers, with 16.2 per cent of the total number of initiatives, closely followed by UAE in second place with 16 per cent.

Strong presence has been recorded from North African countries in this year’s round with significantly higher numbers of candidates than the previous two editions. Algeria and Morocco ranked third and fourth place with 9.5 and 9 per cent respectively, while Iraq ranked fifth with 6 per cent of initiatives submitted.

Youth submissions has occupied the largest share of applications so far, with over 57 per cent of initiatives belonging to applicants aged between 21-35, followed by 23 per cent from the age group between 36-50, while applicants over 51 submitted 13 per cent of total initiatives. The Arab Hope Makers attracted teenagers and adolescents who occupied 6 per cent of initiatives.

The Arab Hope Makers initiative aims to recognise young change agents in the Arab world who have dedicated their lives to serving people and communities.

Fields of Hope

The initiative has so far received a whopping 15,000 stories of hope in different fields including education, environment, humanitarian aid, culture, health, community service, and youth, women, children and People of Determination empowerment. Community services initiatives have topped the list with about 32 per cent, closely followed by educational initiatives that occupied about 13 per cent, while health and medicine services formed 6 per cent of total submitted initiatives.

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