Alakkuu : Poet by Day, Tech Entrepreneur by Night


We’re always taught how different art and science are and how both are typically also different from business. But Alakkuu has shown in his work how these worlds aren’t as far apart as we may think.

Known as Elias Yabarow by his close friends and family, Alakkuu is the Co-founder and CEO of a DC real-estate startup called Huvvit, which is kind of like an Uber for Real-Estate. Users are able to connect with local real-estate agents in real time in the DC area.

But what we found even more fascinating is what Alakkuu is better known for; his poetry. He’s the author of Wet Grass Vanilla, which is a collection of poetry that delves into the realms of love, heartbreak, and everything in between.

He found his ability to balance both art and technology when he was a college student, as he pursued his academics in Electrical Engineering. During the day, Alakkuu spends his time running his company. And during the night, he pursues his passion; sharing his poetry to tens of thousands of engaged readers on Instagram.

He now tours the United States with other prominent poets such as Boonaa Mohammed, and is frequently performs spoken word poetry across the nation.

As interesting an novel this idea may seem, this concept of combining art and science isn’t very new. In fact, the most influential scientists, such as Galileo, were also extremely well versed in poetry; something that might come as news to many people.

His work can be found on his Instagram:

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