AL Midfa Discusses Collaboration between Expo Center Sharjah and the Italian National Confederation for the Craft Sector (CNA)

During the Middle East Watch and Jewellery Show, HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Center Sharjah and Chairman of UFI’s MEA Chapter, welcomed a delegation of the National Confederation for the Craft Sector in Italy (CNA).

AL Midfa welcomed the visiting delegation and discussed with its members the potential to enhance the relations between the two parties, especially in terms of conducting specialized exhibitions and shows in certain industries managed by CNA. The National Confederation for the Craft Sector includes around one thousand institutions in Italy, and offers tangible support to SMEs and entrepreneurial projects in the country.

The two sides also discussed means to attract Italian exhibitors to show their products and industries at Expo Center Sharjah, as well as promoting the Middle East Watch and Jewellery Show in Italy, especially among jewellers and watchmakers. In this context, Al Midfa commended the fine craftsmanship Italian designers and producers are known for around the world.

AL Midfa also praised the decade long relationship that joins Expo Center Sharjah with Italian industrialists and exhibitors, as well as the longer ties that join the UAE to Italy in various sectors and domains.

HE said: “Italy has the capabilities and resources to offer high quality products and techniques to Sharjah. On the other hand, the line-up of events and exhibitions at Expo Center make for a valuable opportunity for Italian industries and commercial sector to explore investment opportunities in Sharjah.”

For its part, the visiting Italian delegation commended the regional and international reputation the Middle East Watch and Jewellery Show has built over the years, highlighting the meticulous organization and excellent production of the show. The delegation also praised the media coverage this event enjoys, and the increasing numbers of visitors it attracts.

The delegation highlighted that this edition of the show marks the 25th time Italy takes part in it, with 28 of the largest Italian companies and brands showcasing their work this year.

The Jewellery and Watches industry in Italy is one of the largest worldwide, with around 9 thousand companies employing over 32,000 people. It is worth mentioning that most of these companies are SMEs and small workshops that cater to high quality world class production. The UAE is the largest importer of Italian goods in the Middle East, and Sharjah in particular is highly invested in strengthening the ties between the two countries, and increasing the volume of trade between the Emirate and Italy.

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