AIX Investment Group Review – Best Investment Company in Dubai

Aix investment group is one of the best investment companies, located in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Having its office on 146th Floor of the Burj Khalifa has been the perfect spot itself for the company, as Aix helps their investors to reach the peak point of their career. With the support of the group, Investors not only make a lot of money, in fact they see a scope for further too. To see the more impressive facts visit the website

The facts are the results of their hard work and perseverance. Generally, in any business while dealing with the customers, Transparency always matters, and The Company believes & approaches their customers with transparency, safety, Excellence and Innovation. All their consultants and employees have a great understanding of financial opportunities that have untapped potential.

Facts about the Company – Aix Investment Group Dubai

The company’s cumulative experience in the market is around 30 years and since then, they have filtered out various insights and gained that crucial experience, which is the most important factor while making a decision to make an investment. The company deals with Forex, Commodities, and Digital Assets with their belief of transparency, safety and all the value to its customers, whereas the portrayed values are a result of an extensive audit. The company is also distinguished by the integrity of their services.

Company caters to a diversified group of investors encompassing a diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and investment requirements. It helps Institutional and Individuals both to become stronger & grow faster.

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Company’s Trading Partners & Profit Figure – Aix Investment Group

With the proven track record, AIX Group deals with the leading brokers of Commodities, Forex, and Digital Assets. The famous Noor Capital (based in Dubai) and ADS Securities (Abu Dhabi) are also one of their trading partners. Company serves investors (Individuals and Institutional) to manage their trading accounts & portfolios.

Since 2010, Aix Investment Group, Dubai, has been helping investor’s minimum 21.6% average annual net profit of their investment. Whereas, the total average of their annual net profit is 39.9% and the highest is 65.9% so far. The company has investment in more than 450 million dirhams which is actually a huge sum of money.

The company is open to do business with people from all around the world, and it has made the process very easy to contact. Once you contact them for investment advice their representatives get in touch with you as soon as possible. Company’s strong financial base & its capital fully ensures the customers for their capacity delivering their commitments.

Highlights on their General Policy – Aix Investment Group

  • Individual Trading Account: The Company provides an individual trading account to each of its investors which is directly opened with the applicable exchange.
  • Complete Insights & Monitoring: Each Investor has full insight into their trading account. He can monitor the account’s performance & Trades in real time.
  • Fully Managed Account: There is an agreement signed between the investor and the company called LPOA (Limited power of Attorney). This agreement refers, their traders are authorized to perform trades on behalf of investors directly on their dedicated accounts.
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