Airbnb IPO in 2020 could be the Most-Anticipated of recent years and investors are set to make a fortune!

According to valuations, Airbnb is likely to be valued at around $38 billion when it lists no later than the second quarter of 2020. This surpasses a previous valuation of $31 billion.  If the valuation remains unchanged Airbnb will have one of the largest market caps in the hotel and online travel agency industry.

Airbnb has had major success since its launch in 2008. And, with $5 billion in the bank, the outlook is bright. To remain competitive in the industry, the company is working on diversifying and expanding its platform to include complimentary travel services.  In 2017 Airbnb posted a $93 million profit from its $2.6 billion income, and in the third quarter of 2018 it raked in more than $1 billion. Final revenue and profit figures for 2018 have not yet been released.

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