“The Adventures of Olivia Glass & Turkeyboy” A Tale for every child

The Adventures of Olivia Glass & Turkeyboy

Creation of children’s books has always been incredibly diverse; its numerous titles address young readers in very different ways: there are books that provide information and transfer information on the world around us; others present an image of children’s everyday life, or a picture of their emotional states and their skirmishes, suggesting how to solve them. There are books which talk about the other, other cultures, different customs, or there are books about various cultural patrimonies. Each of these books brings a message and a specific perception. We, the adults, are well aware of this but children do not know these variances. That is why it is very imperative that children become familiar at the earliest possible age with the different literary categories, so they learn to use them as they want. Because the correct reading will lie in the satisfaction, we get from reading something that talks to us and touches us personally.

So a child may right to use the enormous literary resources, he must, indeed, learn to read, and this is the most comprehensive meaning of the word. Because reading, from a global point of view, is a very compound activity which is not limited to interpreting a text, but it involves the child’s capability to understand what he has read as well, to integrate it in his context and personal experiences by exploring it critically so he can take a standpoint on what he has learned. Only this comprehensive and profound reading education will take children toward a real, unified reading ability.
Reading education that wants to be maintainable should not content itself with transferring simple technical skills but should make use of an entire collection of necessary competencies for a real literacy. These competencies often are linked to experiences children have had in their first months and their early years: widespread practices at first sight, but of great importance because they stimulate children to the universe of reading and literature, beaconing the road to literacy.

Jean Chouteau shares, “There is a line in the book spoken in Portuguese, ‘…todos temos um proposito,’ meaning we all have purpose. It creates an uncluttered view for valuing myself, and how I view others; I do believe that purpose is the greatest equalizer in life.”

“Dad, what’s happening to me?” Olivia begs to know. Hearts are broken, emotions are running high, and misunderstandings trump logic, and of course – there are the PESKY HUMANS! “It was supposed to be a celebration!” Suddenly, everybody’s gone, this is unacceptable. In a season of fascinating change, Olivia Madelyn Glass will discover that she is quite peculiar. On the verge of self-discovery, she learns she must entertain an unwelcome and unwanted house guest! A preoccupied and most annoying city-slicker who wears designer threads on a farm vacation; AND let’s not even start with her obsession with the internet! She’s “instafamous” so this means her offline life is excellent, sooooo – don’t ask about it… like EVER!

My, my my…. these two are exact opposites, like – night and day, but even night and day must cooperate… sometimes. Only one of them can drive and the other one? She may have the power to change the world. It’s a road trip. “…do I have a choice?” Please don’t tell the grownups and whatever you do – don’t alert the paparazzi! Ohhhhh, and If you happen to see a bling-mouth jive talking turkey – yes, the arrogant one. Would you tell him that he’s in significant danger?
The quirky farm animals and the humorous human interactions are engaging; you’ll carry these characters with you. Enjoy this fast-moving page-turner for the entire family, also serving as a great reminder that no matter our circumstances… we all have a purpose.

The book series suggests that life is measured by the impact we leave in the world around us. A quintessential story of when “quirky meets murky”, as two very different characters realize that they sort of have the same problem. On this EPIC adventure, an unlikely friendship develops between thirteen-year-old Olivia Madelyn Glass, a veterinarian’s daughter, and Turkeyboy a coming-of-age farm animal whose life she spares after a serendipitous encounter. Drawn together by tragedy, his entire world has vanished, and she’s also desperate to find out who she is but despite her disturbing discoveries she fights against the unknown. They run away from the Nebraska farm heading toward Hollywood. Everything bad happens there. Olivia discovers she must learn, and relearn everything she thought she knew to stay. Can these bickering besties come together and will Olivia rescue the “Time-Erasing” turkeys from the terror that awaits?

Human behaviors unravel the layered complexity of the heart, as timeless themes of family and friendship frame an uplifting and cautionary tale. When meeting at the crossroad of purpose and destiny, there are no plans for the future; there is only today. Standing face-to-face with her fear Olivia Glass will uncover unique abilities and that everything has a purpose. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s poignant and will spark the imagination of a child you love and the child within!

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The Audiobook comes alive featuring the voices of, David Irving, NFL Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle David, as “Big Tex,” Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh as the sassy Auntie Gladys, and Masiyah Hankerson is the voice of Olivia Glass.

For information on this amazing book, please visit: www.Adventuresofoliviaglass.com

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