According To Soren Dawody of Dubai, Citizenship by Investment Programs Are a Win-Win

There’s no message of enthusiasm as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage battered economies. We can’t put our problems behind us just yet, let alone regenerate our industries in 2021. The IMF warns that if governments carelessly handle the current outbreak, they can expect even more financial instability. The Middle East, in particular, is struggling with unemployment, conflict, not to mention a high number of refugees. During these times of financial turmoil, how is it even possible to create, serve, and lead? While no one is immune to the pandemic crisis, it’s possible to limit its impact by implementing timely measures and policy initiatives that meet the needs of global investors.

Foreign Investments Are Paramount to Boost the Economy, Says Soren Dawody

Foreign investments might be able to help protect citizens and the bottom line. When foreign companies expand their investment and market presence to leverage Citizenship by Investment initiatives, the scope and productivity of domestic companies expand considerably. It’s a win-win situation, as Soren Dawody calls it. For those of you who don’t know, Soren Dawody from Dubai is a sustainability entrepreneur who aims at reshaping the economy and society. Dawody’s firm, Akros Global, which focuses on effective altruism, is one of the chief companies guiding investors via CBI protocols. Soren Dawody is one of the few entrepreneurs who are generally concerned with the well-being of others.

Prior to the economic collapse of 2020, Dawody has succeeded in helping struggling economies in the Caribbean pick up the pace. He launched a public-joint venture under Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program to make it easier for foreign investors to enter the local market. The shrimp farming initiative has created numerous jobs until now and even raised the average salary in Grenada. Local communities now have what they need to sustain themselves. More exactly, they’re self-sufficient. Self-sufficient communities are the answer to protecting the environment and ecological systems. We’re looking forward to seeing more projects like this in nations that have been devastated by the pandemic.

Citizenship by Investment: Buying a Passport to another Country by Investing In

It’s no longer necessary to demonstrate years of residency in order to gain citizenship. It’s possible to secure secondary citizenship through different types of investments, including but not limited to real estate, development funds, government bonds, establishing a business, etc. Nations deploy the Citizenship by Investment funds to make changes in the local infrastructure and, most importantly, increase the standard of living. Successful applications make a contribution to the receiving countries in terms of skills and global networks. Owing to immigrant investor programs, such as Soren Dawody’s GSA project, declining nations can reap unhoped-for financial gains.

In the past couple of years, there has been a spike in interest in the Middle East from wealthy investors worldwide. Governments have been more proactive in introducing new legislative, regulatory, and technological advancements, trying to withstand the economic fallout of the pandemic. In today’s world, even the smallest changes have the power to influence the economy. Bringing foreign investment is one of the best ways to drive economic growth.

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