A Qatari got the Limited Ferrari Enzo for record-price of $10m in a private auction

The preferred color of car amongst the fans, especially when it comes to Ferrari Enzo, is either red or reddish orange.

The very moment it was announced publically, most of the people had the knowledge that Ferrari Enzo was intended to be a classic. This particular example, a 2004 model, not only bears the same iconic personality but also has a unique exterior finish that helps it to stand out from all the rest.

The original 6.0-liter V12 produce 660 horsepower (492 kilowatts) and 484 pound-feet (656 Newton-meters) of torque. The interior wears a handsome Pelle Cuoio leather finish with carbon fiber and black leather accents on the dash.

2004 model was built in Maranello and exited the assembly line wearing silver paint. Actually, the color was officially called Matt Titanio Extra Campionario and it was the only Enzo painted this way. A Middle Eastern Prince purchased the car and registered it in the United Kingdom.

It was the last of the V-12 Ferraris with fewer computers and electric motors. The Ferrari Enzo is widely regarded as one of the most awesome Ferrari models ever manufactured.

Over the course of its life, this Enzo has traveled just 8,884 kilometers, which is less than 6,000 miles.

RM Sotheby’s now has its hands on the car and its set to cross the auction block this June in Dubai. There is no pre-auction estimate for the car, but the spokesman of the Heritage Auctions counts the value of an Enzo at $2,500,000. Meanwhile, the DuPont Registry has listed five for sale, with only five listings advertising a price. Each of those cars is asking for more than $3,000,000.

Given the rarity of the car shown here in terms of its colorful life, it was sold for $10 million. This trudge of price for this Enzo was in Dubai when a man who preferred to be anonymous, from Qatar won the auction with $10 million. This was the highest bid amongst other 4 bidders who were raising the bids with 0.5 to 1million dollars. But, this man from Qatar shocked the audience and bidders with $5million of difference for last bid and made everyone thinking to let this sweet-pie go with this Arab fellow.

Another media grabbing headline of the auction was the donation of this sold Enzo to Lauwiner Foundation founded by Mr. Jonas Lauwiner who was exultant on the day of the auction like other spectators. Heritage Auction donated 5% of the auction money to Lauwiner Foundation for the noble cause.

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