6 Things to Remember Before Packing and Moving to Your New House

Empty room full of cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

There was a time when people would spend most of their lives living in the same house, growing old with the same set of people in the neighbourhood. But it’s downright unthinkable and rare today. A sudden promotion or change of job can take us to another part of the country or globe!

Packing and moving to a new house is undoubtedly an exciting prospect. There are many options like Boomerang Box that make it efficient and eco-friendly to pack and move. But before embarking on this journey, it is necessary to consider a few things that can leave you better prepared.

  1. Must-Do Security Audit

You may have gotten the perfect house that suits all your needs. But before you decide to buy your new home, always remember to do a preliminary security audit of the property. Ensure that all the windows and doors are lockable. Check to see if the interior of the house is easily visible from the main street.

You may also choose to converse with the people living in the neighbourhood if you have any particular questions related to the place. It will also provide you with a chance to connect with your future neighbours if everything checks out.

  1. Check Crime Rates

If you are shifting to one of the most famous cities in Australia, the chances are that it will be secure. But if you are moving to the countryside or a not-so-familiar place, it is highly recommended that you check the prevalent crime records.

  1. Check Schools and Hospitals

Checking for good schools in the surrounding area might be necessary, especially if you have a family or planning to have one in the future. Good schools are a tough find, and getting your child admitted mid-session could be a hassle. So, before you move, do thorough research and try to expedite the admission process as far as possible.

Whether you have a family or not, good medical facilities are a non-negotiable prerequisite. You want to stay near a good hospital, especially if you have any health conditions.  

  1. Packing

After you have finalised the address and the house, now it’s time to put things in the boxes. Packing is one of the essential items on a mover’s to-do checklist. Packing stuff in cardboards might not be an excellent idea. There are options like Boomerang Box that provide durable, eco-friendly packing boxes for rent.

Always stack the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items on the top. Do not leave empty spaces inside the boxes as it may create a regrettable mess by allowing the things to shift inside freely. You can always cover the gaps with packing papers, towels, etc.

  1. Selecting Packers and Movers 

You can either choose to shift all the belongings yourself by renting a truck or hiring professional movers. If you have too much language, the latter might be the more sensible choice.

It is a good idea to book a company beforehand to avoid any last-minute surcharge. Before you finalise anything, make sure to go through their insurance policy in case of property damage or misplacement. 

  1. Utilities

Before embarking on your journey to the new house, it is advisable to ensure that all the utilities are correctly functioning, especially if you are travelling with family. You wouldn’t want the water heater or the lights malfunctioning on your first day.

Consider every utility that corresponds with basic needs like cooking, bathing, transport, etc.

Moving into a new house or city is a matter of enormous change for you and your family. Therefore, the more minutely you plan, the less cumbersome it is likely to be for everybody involved.

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