6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wallpaper Over Paint for Your Home

Beautiful walls make a home attractive from the inside. Impressive walls are a vital part of interior decor too. And to make the walls beautiful, you need to decorate them with nice designs and colours. When it comes to wall design, you have two options: painting and removable wallpaper/WP. The preference varies depending on the taste and lifestyle of people, but both options have their benefits.

Interior design is as important as the house’s structure, and the look of your wall can change the complete look of your interior. So, it is crucial to choose the suitable decorating method —the options are many, but why should you choose WPs? Read on to understand why selecting the WP is the right option for you.

The reasons you must choose a WP over paint are as follows.

Fast application and removable

One of the reasons people prefer this technique over paint is its ease of application and removal. One can apply different kinds/designs of WPs throughout the year and give the home a different look for different occasions.


The millennials are career-oriented and travel enthusiasts. Most of the youngsters are traveling for work and fun; hence they live at different locations for a small amount of time. The places one lives in could be transformed into their style within a few days with the help of removable WPs. And no matter the number of times you change the house, changing the WPs will never empty your pocket, as they cost far less than paints.

Variety of color/design options

The WPs come in many sizes, designs, and colors. People can always select the one they like from the available list, which is sometimes limited to traditional painting. You can even get wallpapers with brick designs (like in old villas), which gives out a different vibe that is not possible with standard painting.

No toxic content

Nowadays, paint manufacturers are reducing the number of chemicals added to the paints, but certain toxic contents will damage your and your family’s health. But, the new generation WPs are eco-friendly, and they will not emit any harmful content at any point in time. These WPs are usually biodegradable as well, so you don’t need to worry about the soil pollution caused by the dumping of these items. This is one more reason why people are more inclined towards removable WPs.

More creativity

If you are a creative person, this is the best option for you to try it successfully. As the WPs are not that expensive, easily applicable, and removable, one can use their creativity to decorate their walls.

And if you mess up a little during the process, it can be removed easily and costs nothing, unlike paints. You can try different colors and textures in different rooms or mix and match different WPs in the single wall itself.

No labor charge

As wallpaper application is very simple and effortless, even a teenager can do it without much difficulty. Therefore, there’s no requirement for painting workers for your house, and it will reduce the expense of decorating the walls every time.

These are the reasons why one should choose WPs over paint. Ensure you buy the best quality and durable WP available in the market for your home.

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