5 Tips For Setting-Up your Custom Office

Starting a business anywhere is a risky endeavour. But Melbourne is as good a place as any for a startup or a small company due to its vibrant economy, rich talent pool, and tax incentives from the local government to help you succeed. Melbourne is arguably the top destination for startups and tech companies across Australia.

However, opening an office or relocating to a new area can be challenging. You might need the assistance of somebody who is familiar with the city and its operations. In that case, you can hire a local company to take that burden from you. You have the choice of selecting your space, and then the team will help prepare your custom office in Melbourne. If you are unfamiliar with Melbourne, the company can also help find you the perfect space to fit all your requirements.

But once you’ve found your spot, what do you need to put in it?

  1. Ergonomic Furniture:  A 2012 study highlights the significance of investing in ergonomic chairs to boost productivity in the workplace. More importantly, workers report less musculoskeletal problems when they sit on ergonomic chairs. In Australia, the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission also recommends that employers should consider choosing ergonomic chairs for their employees.
  1. Natural Lighting: When choosing an office space, you need to take into consideration the natural light source. Plenty of sunlight that filters through large windows will go a long way for the mental health of employees. The natural light will also save you a lot in utility cost as you do not have to turn on the LED or fluorescent lights during the day. But you need to invest in blinds or curtains to control the amount of light that enters your office.
  1. Waiting Areas: Large offices typically have lounge areas or waiting areas where customers and visitors can sit around before somebody can attend to their needs. But you do not necessarily need a large space to create one. It only takes creative planning and design to maximise the available space.
  1. Multi-Functional Furniture: You can buy multi-functional furniture to optimise the small space. For example, expandable tables will convert a space into a conference room right away. Foldaway tables will enable you to create a lunch/coffee room for your employees. LCD projects you can pull from the ceiling and mobile sinks will help save the space, especially if you have a small office.
  1. Plants: In terms of aesthetics, plants will immediately liven up your office. But plants are also proven to improve the productivity of the employees and their overall well-being. For instance, adding a plant for each square metre of space will boost memory retention. Of course, you are not required to follow the formula, but you get the idea. Many studies also proved that plants help reduce absenteeism in the office as a result of the sick building syndrome.

Your Custom Office 

As you can see, setting-up your office can be overwhelming. But hiring a local team to prepare your custom office in Melbourne will enable you to focus on your business. You can give your inputs or allow the experts to do their magic and you can marvel at the finished product.  It will save you a lot of time from choosing your space, selecting the furniture, designing the layout, and moving the furniture into your new office.


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