5 Red Flags Your Child Needs Eye Glasses

Child hipster smiling on wooden background. A kid likes the glasses.

The health of your child is the utmost priority. When it comes to this aspect, don’t forget annual vision checks, so they can enjoy activities, as well as the sights and sounds that your hometown offers. After all, Sydney is the bustling capital of NSW (New South Wales) Territory, with pristine beaches, breathtaking parks, amazing trail parks, and more. However, with vision problems, it would be impossible to experience these things.

When your child can’t see well, the architectural gems like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge will look blurry. As such, it would be prudent to make an appointment with a macquarie centre optometrist so your baby can receive the best eye care. Remember, vision affects many aspects of life from education, habits, hobbies, and more. It can also affect your child’s confidence level if he or she can’t see well. Read on below to see the 5 red flags that show your child needs glasses. If you recognize them ahead, you can find treatment before the problem escalates.

  1. Pay Attention to Too Much Squinting

Squinting is a major red flag that shows your baby has refraction issues. People squint so they can get a clearer view of something. If your child keeps on doing this when an object is far, the problem could be myopia or nearsightedness. However, if your child narrows the eyes when things are near, the problem is hyperopia or farsightedness. Squinting is more than a bad habit. It is a telltale sign that your eyes are compensating so they can focus.

  1. Watch Out Dizziness or Nausea

Your child will put in a lot of effort to see things clearly. As such, the poor kids are adding unnecessary stress to the mind and body. Imagine doing this all day long! Your poor baby is overworked, so this can cause tension pain in the temples or behind the eyes. It could also lead to feeling dizzy or nauseous.

  1. Covers One eye to Focus

If you see your child covering one eye frequently, it could be a vision problem. Though children like to play as a one-eyed pirate, making this a habit means your child is using the dominant eye to bring something into focus. It is a clear indicator of an imbalance. Observe if your child does it when you watch TV or when looking at outdoor signage. Furthermore, this could signify exotropia which is a major sensitivity to super bright lights. If you want to get to the root of the problem, schedule a visit to a macquarie optometrist centre.

  1. Experiences Problems Reading

Vision is crucial for children, especially those who are still honing their reading skills. If your child is struggling to read words and often skips phrases or letters, he or she could be farsighted. However, if your child can’t recognize posters from a distance, he or she could be nearsighted. If the problem is complex, your child could have both refractive errors. You must find a solution to the problem so your child can continue to grow and develop well.

  1. Rubs Eyes Excessively

Finally, if your child is rubbing his or her eyes too much even when they don’t feel itchy, it signifies a problem. It exhibits that the eyes are strained and tired. This could be due to overcompensation because of a faulty vision. As such, your child massages the eyes to help them relax. Another problem could be dry eye syndrome or allergies. Your eye doctor can prescribe safe eye drops to keep the eyes lubricated and comfortable.


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