5 Best Ways to Keep Your Jewellery Safe

People wearing jewellery should always be careful wherever they go, especially if they are small pieces of jewellery that could come off anytime. If you have expensive jewellery, it would be best to wear them only on special occasions or events to avoid losing them. It is always the worst feeling when you lose your thousand dollar jewellery during a night where you never expected it to happen.

Besides losing it, there is also a chance that it could get damaged due to unfortunate reasons. However, there are Findings (jewellery) that jewellery repair shops can use to repair broken or missing pieces of your jewellery. So if you want to avoid losing or damaging it, you should know the best ways to take care of it.

  1. Remove Jewellery When Doing Physical Activities

Before you head out to jog or work out at the gym, make sure that you remove all of your jewellery from your body. Usually, your earrings can be one piece of jewellery that you might bring to the gym or outside your home, especially if you hurry to leave home. You should always check your body for any jewellery you may have and remove them right away before doing physical activities.

  1. Remove Jewellery When Putting On Lotions and Sunscreens

Before you go to the beach or swimming pool, you should always put on sunscreen to protect your body from getting a sunburn. However, it would be best to remove all of your jewellery before applying sunscreen or any type of lotion because you might accidentally leave some of it on the jewellery.

Note that some jewellery might rust over time when you do not remove the lotion right away. At some point, you might have to look for Findings (jewellery) to repair the rusted or worn-out pieces of your jewellery.

  1. Never Expose It to Harsh Weather Elements

You might be in a hurry to take off all of your jewellery when you arrive home that you forgot to place in your jewellery box. And since you left it in the drawer beside your window, the sunlight can potentially damage it over time. If you keep leaving it in areas exposed to harsh weather elements, you should expect to bring it over to a jewellery repair shop soon.

  1. Clean and Inspect Your Jewellery Regularly

The best way to keep your jewellery looking perfect and free of damage is by regularly cleaning it. Also, clean them even after not wearing them for a long time because there might be dust and dirt found their way inside your jewellery box. Note that your sweat and body oils can also be the cause of potential jewellery damage.

After cleaning, you should make it a habit to inspect your jewellery all the time. You will never know when there is damage or areas that are starting to show issues like rust. The earlier you find the issues, the earlier you get to save your jewellery from getting destroyed.

  1. Store Your Jewellery in Dry Places

You should always think about where you place your jewellery, even if it is inside a box. Keep in mind that placing them beside windows can cause moisture to reach your box and damage your jewellery. You should always place your jewellery box in dry areas within your room.

Take care of your jewellery whenever possible to keep it looking excellent. It should not be a problem anymore since you have an idea about the several tips to care for them.

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