4 Simple Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Have You ever had an issue to follow up with a goal or a plan that you were willing to accomplish, but at some point, you lost that desire and had no courage?

If yes, then this article will unfold those hidden triggers and points which most probably stopped you.

Often times we become minute dreamers and think, act or behave in a way that is not natural for us. There are different causes of this, however, the main one is human nature.

We are not the creatures of logic, we are creatures of emotions. We make decisions and behave according to our feelings. (Mostly, it is good, however, the coin has two sides…)

The same applies to our New Year’s Resolutions. For instance, when we see our reflection in the mirror and think: ohh… I need to lose some weight, or I wish I would have more toned arms or etc.

Our subconscious mind picks that up and stores as a data, when the time comes it flashes it back and we start to react and behave in the way that we pay more attention to the solutions (you’ve spotted weight-loss program and click, you hold for a second or two and start reading the caption or watching the video…)

An impulse that was sent from your brain tells you to act. New Year Resolution is one of the events in your brain, like a start line (because it associates with the beginning). So you subconsciously align it with another desire in your brain.

We all had a situation when we assure ourselves that we will start from Monday, beginning of the month, year, week…

But let’s just be honest, did we? If yes, for how long?

Following 5 Simple Steps will reveal why and will help to accomplish desired goal whether it is (weight-loss, toning, reshaping, overall elevating your fitness level or etc.)

  1. Clarity of Desire – First you need to understand the purpose (you may think, what? But it is simple…), not that simple when it comes to our subconscious.
    It does require validation. The solid proof why exactly you need it. As clear you can outline it in your mind as better and easier it will be for you to go to the next step.

    Mostly, visualization works well. If then statements also work pretty well (but try to back them up with senses).

  1. Plan – this could be another challenge (again due to our impulses). You need to understand that simple structure does not work all the time. Like you set a goal, let’s say to lose weight, okay that sounds great, then you put it in your resolution. But, wait, do you know how? Most probably you got some ideas like roll-up for a local gym or join Body Design EMS Training Dubai or something else…

That can work, but will you stick to it? And then if there is no desired outcome, what is going to happen? Will you just simply give up on your resolution? Chances of quitting are more…

Thus, when you plan, try to simplify your plan. If you can, divide your plan into sub-categories and steps. Let them be your checkpoints. Also, you may divide your plan into macro and micro categories.

  1. Execution of the plan – sounds easy? Of course, it is, mostly it is easier to do something physical rather than mental (true, not all the time). If you followed the first two steps and started executing on the micro points, that’s awesome. Try not to forget to reward yourself for each checkpoint.

Quite often we fail due to the inability to consistently putting the work (following the plan). It mostly happens due to the “poor why” and “complicated goal” or “over expectations”.

If you can put yourself in the position of “what will happen next” rather than “but they promised me…” it will be way much easier.

Adjustments – You can call them quick fixes in your plan. We are all human beings, we can make mistakes, that is alright.

The most helpful asset will be your mindset here. Instead of judgment, try to apply more understanding so it will be easier for you to admit that the plan needs to be adjusted (time-wise, action-wise or else). Make those fixes and go further. Admit that it may take more time to lose weight or tone up, reshape or achieve your goal.

As long as you keep moving towards the next checkpoint, you are on the track.

When you got all the “behind scenes” understanding, we hope you will get your desired outcome. The main point to remember is the mindset which you need to develop in order to succeed whether it is weight-loss, toning, reshaping, or any desired goal.

Remember that we act, behave and think with our emotions. You are the one who controls them. If you are able to control your emotions, you are a step ahead of everything. Send those impulses towards making yourself great. Body Design EMS Fitness wishes you to succeed at all the stages of your journey.

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