4 Rapidly Growing Niches in Travel Entrepreneurs Can Target

A study conducted by adventure tourism consulting company Xola back in 2010 painted a positive image and showed an upward trend for adventure tourism business. This encouraged new entrepreneurs to dip their toes in adventure travel. Since then, we have seen an exponential increase in a number of new adventure travel businesses around the globe.

Here are some of the highlights of that study:

  • Trips that include adventure travel components tend to last longer, seven to eight days to be precise.
  • Most people who take part in such trips are young below the age of 35.
  • 70% of thrill seekers are highly educated and has a higher household income.

All these insights could serve as an eye opener for entrepreneurs who have never considered starting an adventure travel business. In this article, you will learn about four niches that entrepreneurs should keep an eye on.

Special Tours

Angela Shen, the founder of Savor Seattle, laid the foundation of a food-themed specialty tour business by identifying the need. Despite having a brand management background at Quaker Oats, she was quick to respond to this opportunity in Seattle food culture. She said, “It seemed like there would be travelers, like me, who would want to learn about and eat the foods that are special to the area they’re visiting.

She kept on forming partnerships with market vendors and other local restaurants by using different techniques. She tried, “Everything from a quick 30-second pitch with a handshake to PowerPoint presentations with ROI estimates.” Her efforts and hard work did not go to waste and today, Savor Seattle is offering five unique tours in five years and has grown at a pace of 51% every year since 2010.

With travelers demanding a personalized travel experience, we will see an exponential increase in the demand for specialty tours. More and more travel businesses will start offering dhow cruise marina in the future.


What started from Europe has spread across the globe. Yes, I am referring to trekking. It might not appeal to everyone, after all, it involves taking long walks through the wild. Those who don’t like trekking should consider desert safari tour. According to Louis Marino, director of Alpine Interface, a Canadian based business that offers trekking opportunities to far-flung areas such as Tibet, Starting a business that targets trekkers is risky as the cost and logistics required for such a venture might be out of reach of most entrepreneurs.

You need certified guides, insurance, camping equipment to establish a trekking business. All this combined with other expenses can add up to make the proposition even more difficult. Despite this, Marino thinks that it is worth investing in trekking business. He elaborates, “With high airfares and steeper prices at the pumps, many Americans are staying closer to home and exploring the beauty in their backyard

Horse Riding

Unlike other entrepreneurs who divert all their energies towards growing and expanding their business, Carmen Corneille, founder of Los Angeles Horseback Riding attributes her success to constant reinvestment of profits towards enhancement of customer experience.

She said, “Nowadays people do more local vacations; the trend is to do the in-town weekend getaways. Since we’re in such a prime area, to most of our guests it feels like a mini-vacation.” She believes in delivering better value to customers and has started offering complimentary dinner and toasts on Saturday rides. This has helped with customer retention but also bolstered customer loyalty with their business.

Zipline Tours

Michael R Smith, President of Adventure Smith and moderator of the website like Ziplinenirvana.com thinks that Zipline based tourism has a bright future and is widely popular these days. All you have to do is to make sure that the wire leads to a fascinating place in order to make your Zipline based travel company succeed.

He also told the secret of keeping the customer interested, “When ziplines are utilized as a vehicle to transport guests through an experience rather than as the experience in itself, I believe there is great holding power.

The cost of starting a zipline based tourism company varies. You can establish a business for as low as $200,000 while we have seen zipline businesses spending millions of dollars. Whether you plan to go big or start small, Michael R Smith recommends hiring a consultant who understands that ziplines are way more than a forest thrill ride.

Which rapidly growing travel niche you will target? Why? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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