3 Benefits Why Honey Is the Key to A Healthier Lifestyle

If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, your food plays a big part in it. You need to pick and choose what ingredients to put in your food if you want to live healthier. Fortunately, there are alternatives to ingredients that still have similar tastes. For instance, a great alternative for the sugar you put in your coffee or tea is honey. It is a natural ingredient that is not processed like refined sugar or even brown sugar. Of course, the quality depends on where you get the honey.

One of the most popular honey products that more and more people love today is Manuka Honey. This type of honey is produced from the nectar found in manuka trees. Being a Maori name for a tree for the Maori people, Manuka is the general name of yet another treasure found in Australia. Not only will it be a healthier option, but you will also be supporting local goods. But what are the benefits you can get out of choosing honey, and what can you use it for?

Beneficial Properties

Honey can be a great alternative to sweeteners such as processed sugar because of the benefits that it comes with. They are as follows:


Honey has antiviral properties that can be beneficial to you in more ways than one. In the past, honey has been used as an antibiotic because of these properties. Research further verifies the capacity for honey to eliminate germs coming from hydrogen peroxide. If you choose Manuka, it has a substance called MGO that specifically targets germs, making this type of honey an ideal combatant for certain wounds. There is even a rise in sales with bandages incorporated with this type of honey because it has antiviral properties.


Honey is also known to fight infections, which is very timely, given the pandemic that the world is still going through. It may not prevent you from getting the virus or killing the virus when you get infected. But it can decrease the chances of your immune system being compromised. Even without the virus, you need to watch out for diseases, and one of them is the common flu. You get illnesses because of certain bacteria that invade your system. Research has been done to determine if honey does help kill bacteria, and the antibacterial properties of honey show promising results.

Different Uses

Honey is used as a sweetener and treatment for infections. But did you know that honey has other uses as well? Another property honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It can decrease inflammation on the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for certain products. For instance, the skincare industry has taken note of the beneficial properties of honey. Some even apply honey directly to the skin to ease irritation caused by acne. Even those who would use it as a skin treatment for eczema, although results vary from person to person. You can try to see if it will help with the inflammation and irritation on your skin.

Changing from refined sugar to honey when sweetening the food you eat and liquids you drink can make a difference. If you want a healthier lifestyle but do not know where to begin, you can start small by opting for Manuka Honey. You can experience the benefits of natural, locally-made honey, so give it a try and see if these benefits hold. Either way, honey can be a great start to living a healthier life.

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