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Pranking is the act of playing practical jokes or mischievous tricks on other people for amusement. Online, pranking is commonly associated with trolling and prank videos are disseminated on the video-sharing site YouTube.


In 1904, dye company employee Soren Sorensen Adams discovered one of the company’s products caused workers to sneeze, prompting him to make a sneezing powder which began selling in high demand. Adams subsequently launched a business selling a variety of practical joke products including the “joy buzzer,” a hand-held device that administers a sudden shock to the victim’s palm. One of the earliest documented April Fool’s Day pranks was orchestrated by the Capital-Times newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin in 1933, which ran a photograph on the front page showing the Wisconsin State Capitol building collapsing.

Social Media Prank Ideas

These social media prank ideas are ingenious ways to one-up someone who’s left an inappropriate or embarrassing message as you on Twitter or Facebook after you’ve forgotten to log out of a site.

There’s plenty of different social media experiments that conducted by prank master/YouTuber Jack Vale alone to inspire you. His pranks center around taking personal information that people unwittingly shared publicly on social media and makes it seem like he is psychic. If you can get a stranger in on this, your friends will be baffled about how this information was recovered.

As well as being a fun way to mess with your friends, these social media pranks can also be adapted by brands with a good sense of humor. One hilarious example of this is the Chipotle Twitter account, which was made to seem like it was hacked. This stunt was fully controlled by Chipotle and in turn, drew a ton of attention before the start of one of its new campaigns.

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