100 economic enterprises visited by a team of 15 specialized evaluators Sharjah Chamber concludes field assessment for participants in the “Economic Excellence Award”

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the end of the field assessment phase  for the participating enterprises registered in Sharjah Economic Excellence Award for 2017, organized by ShjSEEN. This is one of the Chamber’s initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of quality and excellence among private sector enterprises.

The two-week evaluation phase included field visits to more than 100 registered or joint venture enterprises by a team of 15 specialized evaluators in various areas of assessment, including institutional excellence, green practices, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and emerging projects.

Nada Al Hajri, Sharjah Economic Excellence Award General Coordinator, said that the evaluation committees completed their evaluation visits to more than 100 economic entreprises from different sectors, as well as participating and registering in the 2017 award and its six categories, which indicates that the evaluations were carried out according to the EFQM excellence model.

Al Hajri added that the evaluators are in the process of submitting to the Award’s office, which will shortly after be submitted to the Board of Trustees of the award for review and approval. The final results will be announced on 23rd of January, stressing that the award received wide attention in its second session from the local and Gulf business communities.

She also pointed out that the evaluation phase revealed the commitment and direction of a large number of economic enterprises and government departments to adopt the principles of the Sharjah Economic Excellence Award, which aims to establish a competitive environment among the UAE and Gulf business community. In addition to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the award, which is focused on the development of performance and efficiency of the public and private sector in Sharjah, UAE and the GCC.

The Sharjah Economic Excellence Award includes TOP 10 Businesses Award, Sharjah Award for Best Startups in the UAE, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Award, Sharjah Green Award, Sharjah Social Responsibility Award and top 10 GCC enterprises.

The Sharjah Economic Excellence Award aims to spread corporate governance, adoption of quality standards, business ethics, develop the responsibility of private sector enterprises towards the community, encourage environmentally friendly practices and enhance the role of economic institutions in promoting sustainable development through providing facilities and the launch of new projects and initiatives as well as motivating them to continue to succeed and appreciate their achievements.

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