080 BARCELONA Fashion Week

By Keilley Lee Marques

Oh yes girls and boys, The 080 Fashion Week Barcelona 2020 was wonderful. It was a week full of glamor and futuristic visions on the catwalk and it gave us a little glimpse of what is coming for Autumn-Winter 2020-2021.

More than 25,000 people enjoyed this show which ran its 8th edition, the best designers and companies that are linked to European and international fashion weren’t missing in attendance.
Wow!… I still have trouble finding words to put down since I still feel the excitement of every night, every show. It was crazy, the designs, the lights, the music of local and international artists, all behind the backstage; Every after-party was wonderful. So hang on and keep reading because I’m going to tell you what struck me the most about Fashion Week 080 Barcelona 2020.
Gloria Lladó, with her signature “Eikō Ai” presented the collection ‘Quantum One’ a collection inspired by celestial bodies and the brightness of the Milky Way. Light tones with an infusion of brightness, artificial colors, lilac, mint and whitish lights. A sophisticated and feminine woman with delicate and contemporary clothes. All a splendor!
The discreet charm of the French style dazzled the catwalks of the Fashion Week Barcelona 2020 with designs inspired by the powerful and feminine women created by Maite By Lola Casademunt, introducing a game of elegance and daring that seduced everyone present.
Óscar León also showed up with some innovative designs, with new printed reflections, t-shirts, mixtures of textures and with color turmeric as a novelty. Although he was not forgetting the black color, which is its base.

I was struck this year by the Sonia Carrasco collection, marked by a strong commitment to the environment. Carrasco baptized his collection by giving it the name of the coordinates of the Pacific Plastic Island “45.376543, 59.651328”. All his contemporary designs are made from organic materials, all very beautiful.
And what about Juan Avellaneda, it was a celebration of glamor, good vibes and amazing designs in all its forms.
Definitely guys this year the 080 fashion week in Barcelona was full of excitement, an ode to European avant-garde fashion.
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