Youth brings Pakistani community together to celebrate culture

Pakistan Youth Forum (PYF) of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) organized a cultural evening commemorating Pakistan’s people, culture, art and nature on Saturday May 13, 2017 at the newly established Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai.

Based on Pakistan’s predominant cultural icons and themes, the Youth Convention was a two-hour informal conference with speeches, performances and art exhibitions from citizens within Pakistan and abroad.

Waseem Badami, popular Pakistani journalist and TV personality was the host of the evening and moderator for the panel discussion. Other notable speakers included Oscar award winner Haya Fatima, American disaster relief worker Todd Shea and stand-up comedians Faiza Saleem and Salman Qureshi. The convention also provided a platform to budding talent such as Atif Bin Arif, Managing Director of Pakistan’s Super Savari Express, Mashall Chaudhrii, founder of the Reading Room Project and Ali Haider, co-founder of Humans of Pakistan.

“We put a lot of effort in bringing together different aspects of Pakistan and showcasing a positive image of Pakistanis to the community,” Dr. Jameela, chairperson of Pakistan Youth Forum said.

The youth convention featured seven speakers, 10 artists and witnessed about 240 attendees and was deemed extremely successful by several members of the community.

“Pakistan Association Dubai takes pride in its youth. This youth convention was a fantastic addition to our attempts to highlight the positive image of Pakistan. We hope to see more good initiatives in Ramadan,” Dr. Zia, President of Pakistan Association Dubai said.


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