Wendy’s, everyone’s favorite burger joint, is keeping the UAE cool for the summer and making it even sweeter. Those with a sweet tooth will love the delicious new Nutella Frosty launching this June for a limited time only.

Just in time for Eid, Wendy’s will be launching a sweet treat in the UAE with the new Nutella Frosty. The world’s favorite hazelnut spread will now be a delicious addition to Wendy’s famous Frosty range.  The Vanilla Frosty will be perfectly blended with the popular spread and mixed with a special mixer to enhance the hazelnut chocolate flavor that all Nutella fans love. The main ingredients of Nutella are a blend of sugar, hazelnut, cocoa and skimmed milk. This delicious new frozen dessert will be the perfect way to cool down this summer and costs just AED 13.

Did you know that the first jar of Nutella left the Ferrero factory in Alba on 20 April 1964, which means the iconic brand is over 50 years old, five years older than Wendy’s. The gluten free hazelnut spread was an instant success and remains widely popular with approximately 1.35 million pounds of Nutella produced every day and a jar is roughly sold every 2.5 seconds.

All meals from Wendy’s are made with quality ingredients only after you order. Wendy’s lettuce and fresh tomatoes are locally sourced and freshly prepared daily in the restaurants, and its burgers are made of 100% Halal Australian Angus beef.

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