True to its essence as the natural mineral water that releases one’s inner strength, Volvic has appointed Dubai-based fitness guru Marcus Smith as its brand ambassador for the Middle East region. Marcus is an international athlete, motivational speaker, high-performance cross fit coach and founder of health and fitness brand InnerFight.

“Marcus Smith closely symbolizes what Volvic stands for,” said Iain Farrell, Middle East Zone Director for Volvic international brand of Danone. “Marcus focuses on bringing to the fore a person’s inner strength through physical challenge and toning. Volvic natural mineral water, which acquires its specific taste and unique mineralization after passing through six volcanic layers drop by drop, is similarly positioned to unleash one’s inner strength. We believe Marcus Smith’s values of mental toughness and working hard to ‘make people’s life better’ represents the Volvic brand.”

“My life’s mission has always been to inspire and help people find the inner strength to achieve what they want in life,’” said Marcus Smith. “I am proud to be associated with Volvic as the brand ambassador, as its core values strike a chord in my core philosophy of empowering people to unleash their inner powers and latent potential, to enable them to live more successful and healthier lives. Life is all about the mental capacity to push yourself further.”

 “Volvic and Marcus Smith target the same audience: who look for true healthy life style, value authenticity, simplicity, nature, open to the world and adventure. Volvic is seeing a significant rise in demand in the Gulf region due to consumers’ interest in healthy lifestyles, which is where Volvic plays a magnanimous role and continues to stick by its values and commitment to enhance people’s lives,” said Iain Farrell

Volvic has also recently launched its new sports cap 75cl bottle that gives it a more outstanding look. The new bottle is enhanced by a more defined shape and an easy-to-handle feel for the benefit of active people. added Iain Farrell.

Volvic water is naturally protected from any kind of pollution or impurities. Volvic’s teams work in close collaboration with various local partners (municipalities, associations, farmers etc.) to protect the 38km2 infiltration zone from which Volvic natural mineral water originates.

Marcus Smith established “InnerFight” in 2008, an international health and performance club based at a 5,000sqft facility, delivering increased human performance across many platforms, including Corporate performance and motivation; Group strength and conditioning or personal performance coaching; Endurance programs preparing individuals for marathons, triathlons or just to be able to run one mile without stopping.