Sharjah Health Promotion Department Educate Young Girls on Value of Nutrition in General Health

In line with its commitment to health awareness and the promotion of health knowledge and skills in society, the Health Promotion Department at Sharjah’s Supreme Council of Family Affairs, in cooperation with Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah, has conducted a workshop for Sharjah young girls on the role of balanced nutrition in maintaining general health.

The workshop comes within the context of the “Five Days” campaign organized by the Department and Sajaya to raise awareness around the importance of eating five portions of fruits and vegetables each day, in order to provide the body with its requirements of minerals, fibers, and antioxidant vitamins, which strengthens the immune systems and protects from dangerous diseases.

Commenting on this, Eman Rashid Saif, Director of the Health Promotion Department, said that the workshop comes in line with the ongoing cooperation with Sajaya for improving the health and safety of young ladies and promoting proper health practices among them. This task, Saif continued, can be achieved by informing them about the benefits of nutrition and its role in providing them with energy and strengthening their immunity, in addition to encouraging them to eat healthy and diverse food.

Saif pointed out that several studies prove that nutrients found in fruits and vegetables play a main role in strengthening the immune system and protecting from cancer. She also said that this type of food has high nutritional value and low calories, making them an excellent alternative for manufactured and fast food which are popular with today’s generation.

For her part, Sheikha Aisha Khalid Al Qasimi, Director of Sajaya, said that improving the health of young ladies is a priority for the organization, given the importance of good health in empowering girls to develop their capabilities and skills, and invest their time in activities that are beneficial to themselves, their society, and country. She added that the workshop was received with great interest and interaction by attendees, owing to its educational value and the hands-on approach it adopted, especially in training girls on preparing fresh juices.

The workshop was facilitated by Mariam Al Marzuqi, a nutrition expert at the Health Education Department, who affirmed to the participating girls from Sajaya that the goal of the event is to provide advice and guidance.  Al Marzuqi went on to say that the workshop also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of eating vegetables and fruits as much as possible and avoiding fast food since it contains harmful oils and high levels of fats.

Attendees were informed about how to make beneficial juices, the correlation between the color of juice and its benefits; as red-colored juice is good for the joints, bones, immunity, and eyesight, while purple juice balances iron in the blood. Green juice fights cancer and reduces the risk of developing it, and orange or yellow juice boosts memory and protects from Alzheimer’s disease.