Good deeds and kind thoughts come to the forefront on Salaam Namaste UAE 2 by COLORS TV

Salaam Namaste UAE 2, the show which has been showcasing emotional, heartwarming stories over the last few weeks in the UAE, brings to the forefront a few more people with hearts of gold.

The 30 minute non-fiction show focuses on people in the South Asian community residing in the UAE, who have called the country their ‘second home’. This week host Tarana Raja met Raza Beig whose initiative ‘Splash- Heart of Gold’ truly resonates with the ‘Year of Giving’ theme. The initiative presents a Heart of Gold each day during The Holy month of Ramadan to individuals exhibiting commitment, compassion, courage, care and extending their helping hands without expecting anything in return. These often unsung heroes are shining examples of extraordinary people triumphing against all odds to give their best, making enormous sacrifices of time, energy and resources to assist others, way beyond what they may receive in return. In the ‘Dil Se Shukran’ segment Tarana surprised 10 male domestic workers with a complete grooming makeover! They are the ones who make our lives simpler by managing our households as we head to work, and this was the show’s way of expressing gratitude towards them. They also received goodies from Kaizen Box. In this episode we also saw a new face hosting the ‘Choti Si Asha’ segment. We go on to find out that it was Nivedita’s wish to host a show, and we witnessed her dream come true on television!

In the following episode, Tarana met a support group for little people with big spirits called Little People of UAE. This group encourages mutual support among people with dwarfism in the UAE to share stories of triumph against odds. Each of them have their own challenges but are keen to raise awareness about their condition in the UAE. In the ‘Dil Se Shukran’ segment, female domestic workers were invited for a party where they got together and celebrated their efforts for keeping our homes in perfect condition The fun filled evening included lots of exciting activities like a movie screening, music, dinner and lots of fun and entertainment! The ‘Choti Si Asha’ segment made Mr. Pandey’s dream come true by helping him get free driving sessions from Emirates Driving institute.

COLORS TV is extending this chain of giving through social media by conducting a contest on their official Facebook page @colorstvme. Participants stand a chance to win salon vouchers from Aroushi Salon this week. You can win by participating in the contest and answering a simple question about the show on the Colors Middle East Facebook page.

Don’t forget to tune in as Salaam Namaste UAE Season 2strengthens the chain of giving every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on COLORS TV. The repeat episode will be broadcast at 12.30pm on Friday with two back-to-back episodes.

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