Dubai Land Department organises workshop for law firms to discuss rental law

Dubai Land Department (DLD) recently organised a workshop for several law firms in the Emirate of Dubai to review and discuss the articles of Law (26) for the year 2007 regarding rental laws.

During the workshop held at the DLD headquarters, participants were given the opportunity to present their views on the articles of the law. They were also given the chance to offer proposals for the development and improvement of the current rental law, and strategies for better serving parties to rental agreements including owners, brokers and tenants from different categories and segments.

Mohamed Ahmed Yahya, Deputy Executive Director of the Rental Affairs Sector at DLD, commented: “This workshop is part of DLD’s ongoing cooperation with the Emirate’s law firms. We are constantly updating our employees on the latest legal developments relating to different types of property. Workshops like this help us to draw on expert opinions from legal professionals who work closely with all parties in the market, with the possibility of taking their suggestions and applying them to strengthen our sector.”

Yahya added: “We thank our partners in the law firms and will share their views and consider their proposals seriously in order to formulate legislation that will ensure the stability of our real estate market. Such meetings are important because they allow us to discuss developments that may significantly improve market performance, and generate proactive solutions for solving potential issues.”

The workshop organised by DLD contributed to enhancing dialogue and strengthening the relationship between parties in the real estate sector. By encouraging interactive discussions that focused on identifying shortcomings and finding ways to correct them, the workshop is expected to have an impact on the provisions of the new law, ensuring transparency in the rental affairs sector.

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