Best part of the journey; the ‘Stopover’ in İstanbul

  • Transfer passengers of Turkish Airlines now will have the great opportunity to discover Istanbul, the seamless hub of the global carrier by its newly announced service; the ‘Stopover’

Turkish Airlines, the carrier that flies to more countries of the world than any other airline, now offers its “Stopover” service for its transfer passengers, departing from Pakistan to arrive to the U.S., Schengen Countries, U.K., Ireland, and having more than 20 hours connecting time.

Stopover offers those passengers a complimentary accommodation and a great opportunity to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul during their connecting time.

This new service that set Pakistan as pilot region for the initial phase will enable the transfer passengers that depart from Pakistan to arrive to the U.S., Schengen Countries, U.K., Ireland, and also have more than 20 hours of connecting time, to stop over in Istanbul with an accommodation cheque prepared by Turkish Airlines’ authorized staff after completing the flight booking process of the passenger. This cheque will enable the economy class passengers to stay 1 night at a 4-star hotel; as well as business class passengers to stay 2 nights at a 5-star hotel in Sultanahmet and Taksim, generally described as the central points of Istanbul.

Moreover, within the scope of this project, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Turkey has began to offer a complimentary 7-day transit visa to Pakistani passengers who will travel with Turkish Airlines from Pakistan to the U.S., Schengen Countries, U.K., and Ireland.

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