Al Majaz Waterfront Illuminates Hearts with the Joys of Ramadan

Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah’s premier family tourist and leisure destination, is adorned with the glow of lights and traditional decorations throughout Ramadan. This is to provide all members of community observing Ramadan and otherwise a spiritual atmosphere to practice self-reflection and cherish the company of their loved ones. Visitors to the venue have been enjoying a unique family environment and highest standards of hospitality.

The entrance to the venue along with its walkways are embellished with lanterns and other authentic Ramadan decoratives to reflect the true spirit of the blessed month. The venue features the traditional Iftar Cannon, an icon of the UAE’s rich heritage and its religious traditions.

Visitors to Al Majaz Waterfront will be treated to special light shows at the Sharjah Fountain, and will also be able to immerse themselves in spectacular laser shows combining lights and movement. This iconic outdoor destination also houses a traditional tenet where guests will enjoy warm and gracious Arab hospitality, and will be treated with dates, water and Arabic coffee daily after taraweeh prayers. Both the tent setup as well as its offerings will provide visitors a great opportunity to experience the UAE’s rich cultural heritage and the spiritual traditions deeply rooted in the Emirati society.

With a plethora of choices emanating the joyous spirit of Ramadan, visitors to Al Majaz Waterfront will also have access to special offers and discounts at its local, regional and international restaurants and cafés offering world-class cuisine and Ramadan beverages. State-of-the-art facilities and high-end services will appeal to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

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