5 things you did not know about DJ Bliss

  • DJ Bliss owns a barbershop

Bliss’s barbershop goes by the name of Beats and Cuts. Similar to the street cultural significance of the US barbershop, Bliss’s vision is to provide a safe, cool ambience for men with similar interests to revel in Dubai’s Hip hop culture. It was also Bliss’s alternative career choice. Apart from wanting to be a DJ, Bliss had always wanted to be a barber.

  • Bliss is not just a DJ, he is an entrepreneur.

Launched in 2010, Bliss opened his own entertainment company, Bliss Inc Entertainment and 411 nights. With role models, such as like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and business entrepreneurs like P. Diddy, Bliss was determined to incorporate unique content into the art of business. Bliss also has his own Video Blog: DJ Bliss Vlogs Dubai.\

  • Bliss was not always a DJ

Prior to his DJ career, Bliss hosted the TV show “That’s Entertainment” on Dubai One and was an RJ for Radio 1 and Channel 4. Starting a career in the entertainment industry opened several doors for Bliss and helped him develop his identity as an artist, and later a DJ in the year 2000. Bliss has now worked his way up as the only local DJ who has successfully toured internationally.

  • Bliss is building the music scene in the region, not just for me but for the entire city.

Hosting superstars such as Justin Bieber, French Montana, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy, Bliss has contributed heavily to the international music scene in Dubai. Having performed alongside Nicki Minaj and Drake, DJ Bliss is building the city’s music scene alongside his own career. Bliss also owns QB7 Studio in Jumeriah, a creative hub for all things entertainment. The studio originated as a means for Bliss to manage his own career but soon developed into a platform for different artists.

  • Bliss throws a great party

 Throughout the years, Bliss’s entertainment company 411 Nights have hosted some of the largess parties in Dubai. After years of being immersed in music, hosting Urban nights, nightlife and even orchestrating DJ bookings – being the king of entertainment is the lifeblood of Bliss’ career.

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